Die-cast: Autoart’s Bugatti Chiron

Wow, even in 1/18 scale this Bugatti rocks …

The Bugatti Chiron, where to begin?

Starting price is $2.6 million in round numbers, and the first 200 made sold out immediately, even before the first car was delivered. It’s possible we need a new term that’s greater than Supercar.

The History

Not that Bugatti’s Veyron was long in the tooth or barely a supercar, but the French automaker felt the need to update and upgrade it. Thus, in 2016 the Chiron, which is named after the famous race driver Louis Chiron (raced 1926-1958), was launched.

I say launched because this is sort of a wheeled missile. Its 8.0-liter W16 engine features four turbos that help it muster 1,479 horsepower that somehow is harnessed by a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic and puts that tire-shredding power to the pavement.

Result? Wait for it! The Chiron will blast off from zero to 60 mph in 2.4 seconds. To quote a Princess Bride character, “Inconceivable!” It also has hit a top speed of 249 mph, something it did in 32.6 seconds, but is electronically limited to 261 mph. It probably helps that this beautiful beast weighs just a touch less than 2,000 lbs., thanks to generous use of carbon fiber in its body and suspension. Oh, and it took the Chiron just 9.4 seconds to brake to a stop after reaching 249 mph.

A daily commuter this is not.

The Model

Excellent news though, you can own this one for $250, still a considerable sum, but not a gouge in the national debt, just your wallet.

Our 1/18 scale review car was a beautiful argent silver and Atlantic blue paint scheme that looks as rich as a person who might afford a 1/1 scale Bugatti. As with most Autoart models of late, its body is a composite material, yet includes a variety of moving, or opening, parts.

The dark blue engine cover is removeable, then there’s a button on the undercarriage to release a pop-up rear spoiler. Meanwhile, both doors open to reveal the rich saddle tan leather-look interior, plus the tiny thong-shaped hood opens to show off a couple tan leather bags with Chiron labels on their sides. Gucci? Well, classy!

Everything is beautiful here, from the deep finish to the many bits of carbon-fiber look trim, both under the hood and tail, plus on the chin spoiler and insets behind the doors and tucked under the sculpted roofline that wraps down under each door.

That massive 16-cylinder engine is impressive too, but you won’t see so much of that if you slip that engine cover on.

The superdupercar’s head and taillights look realistic, the side mirrors have reflective faces, the door handles are finely sculpted and there are monster brake rotors behind matte silver wheels, along with black Bugatti-labeled brake calipers at each wheel. Tires are Michelin branded and are treaded, plus those front wheels are steerable. That means the wheels will turn the steering wheel when adjusted.

Inside, the huge front windshield easily shows off much of the carbon-fiber look dash and sculpted saddle tan inserts, plus the hood over the dash gauges and a metal strip with buttons that cascades down the dash’s center into the console, which also houses a pistol grip gear shift.

Peaking in the driver’s door you can view the nicely detailed gauges, see black shoulder belts, power seat controls, handsome door insert detail, and a flat-bottom black and tan steering wheel. And yes, the Chiron name is emblazoned on each side of the car’s console too.

What’s not to like? Really, nothing.

This Bugatti will be the talk of any display case, especially if you set one of those pieces of luggage next to an open door. Chiron is a charmer!

Vital Stats: Bugatti Chiron

Maker: Autoart
Scale: 1/18
Stock No.: 70992
MSRP: $250

Link: Autoartmodels.com



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