Die-cast: CMC’s 1934-’38 Mercedes-Benz race car transporter

CMC creates a breathtaking Mercedes racer transport …CMC Mercedes-Benz race car transport

OMG, the detail here is incredible, breathtaking. Put this in a case, atop a desk, in any room and it’ll be the center of all conversations. Put one of CMC’s 1930s Mercedes race cars on it and, well, folks will be speechless.

CMC is known for nailing the details in all of its vintage racers, European cars and now, trucks. This Mercedes-Benz LKW L0 2750 is phenomenal, and particularly attractive because it ties in to a number of Mercedes racers CMC already has produced. This is the Mercedes transport that carried its dominant Silver Arrows racers, the W25, W125, W154 and W165, to and from European racetracks in the 1930s.

Like the rest of CMC’s lineup, the truck is 1/18 scale and features 2,365 parts, of which CMC says 1,991 are metal. I believe it as there are even metal rivets holding wooden planks in the truck bed in place. Not surprisingly, this hand-made transport carries a lofty price of $764, so it’s not for everyone. But we all wish we could own one.CMC Mercedes-Benz race car transport

The History

Suffice it to say this 2.75-ton truck was around for a lot of Mercedes‘ early racing history, which is why CMC recreated it. These were specially built rigid steel-framed trucks to carry the racers and had a low floor with sides and tail that flipped down for easier loading, and viewing. Thin metal ramps were attached to the tail to aid loading.CMC Mercedes-Benz race car transport

Giving the truck its oomph was a 4-cylinder diesel engine with Bosch injection pump. The unit created 65 horsepower. Other pluses were a sturdy semi-elliptical leaf spring suspention front and rear, and hydraulic 4-wheel brakes.

As with all Mercedes transports of pre- and post-war, these were dark Mercedes blue and had white Mercedes race team markings on the side panels. A fun fact, the truck carried the racers with a tarp over the bed on the way to races, but if Mercedes won, they drove home with the tarp off and truck side panels down to show off their winning automotive technology. Apparently PR ruled even in the 1930s!

The Model

There’s no way to list all the details here, but here’s a sampling.

CMC Mercedes-Benz race car transportThe exterior is spotless with nine tie-down hoops on each side panel, wooden beams that slide in place in a black metal frame to support the canvass tarp. Doors open to reveal a super-detailed interior with black leather bench seat that would hold three, and giant gear and brake levers protruding from the floor. The dash is simple, but accurate and there’s are turn-signal arms (winkers) that pop up from the stanchions outside each door’s window.

You can pop up the bench seat to find a battery beneath, and a storage area for tools. A hand brake lever there can be moved to activate the brake linkage on the rear wheels. And the lower part of the windshield can be opened as this is a split windscreen, as was standard at the time.

There are spring-loaded metal clasps to secure the three-piece hood that can be removed to show off that Mercedes diesel engine along with all its piping and electricals. I like the exhaust filter’s screen mesh and the giant black horn that protrudes into the engine bay. It all looks realistic enough you half expect some fluids to be leaking underneath, if a Mercedes ever leaked, of course.CMC Mercedes-Benz race car transport

Headlight lenses and grille are spectacular and the fine metal tri-star Mercedes emblem can be unscrewed from the radiator, but be careful, it’s delicate.

That tarp is heavy canvass with eyelets all around so it can be hooked on the wooden sideboard’s tie-down hoops. Restringing the tarp is a major job, but looks great in place.

With it off you see the wooden planked floor and black metal channels for the racers’s wheels and tie-down anchors in the rear floor. There are two black metal ramps that can be attached inside the tailgate to roll a racer aboard. While below are two detachable spare wheels and reflectors on dangling metal rods.

Also note that two tool boxes under the bed will open and the diesel fuel filler cap flips open.CMC Mercedes-Benz race car transport

No detail has been missed. Consider that there are Dunlop branded treaded tires all around, plus four wheel stoppers to keep the loaded racer in place, along with chains with adjustable turnbuckles to fasten down the car, if you have one to pose with the truck.

You’ll not find a more complete and impressively detailed model, even at higher prices. This looks ready for a museum display. Put it on your wish list!

Vital Stats: Mercedes-Benz  LKW LO 2750 race car transporterCMC Mercedes-Benz race car transport

Maker: CMC

Scale: 1/18

Stock No.: M-144

MSRP: $764.00

Link: cmc.com



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