Die-cast: BoS-Models’ Chevrolet Corvette Corvair Concept

Corvette Corvair Concept sharp car at low costDSCF0143

Early Corvettes were stylish sports cars, not the big fire-breathing muscle rods they became by the 1970s and that they continue as today.

So a fastback model in 1954 would have been cooler than even Ford’s Thunderbird and shows General Motors had the right idea, if only in concept form. Funny too, they named it the Corvette Corvair, joining two names that Chevrolet would ultimately use.

Now BoS-Models has created a high-value 1:43 of this unusual concept as it first appeared in a bright Ruby Red paint scheme. And while I don’t usually dwell on price here, I’ve got to mention it’s just $38.95 and looks fabulous in its acrylic case.

The History

First, an explanation of the concept car that made its debut at the 1954 GM Motorama, a show in New York City. Chevrolet used the front-end of its new Corvette, but made it into a fastback coupe by grafting a sloping roof onto the sporty Vette. The tail here reflects the popular aircraft styling of the mid- to late-1950s.

DSCF0146The Corvair’s roof, rear window and trunk slope into a tail that looks a lot like a fighter jet’s exhaust port and the pointy taillights and chrome bumpers look like they came from NASA’s experimental rocket program.

GM didn’t move the Corvair Concept along as a fastback Corvette until a major styling change in 1963. The Corvair name though went on to live as the model designation for Chevy’s short-lived compact rear-engine car in the early ‘60s. Best evidence is there was only one of these concept cars and it was repainted light sea foam green for the L.A. auto show, also in 1954.

The Model:

Kudos go to BoS-Models for creating this rare concept in resin. Our model, provided by American-Excellence who markets it, featured a stellar metallic dark red paint job with no mars or imperfections. That’s not always the case at this price point.DSCF0140

In addition to a well-shaped body reflecting the original car’s styling, the review model features mesh chrome headlight covers and a toothy chrome Corvette grille and half bumpers and grille protectors. Tail-end trim is equally sharp in detail, including thin dual tailpipes.

All window trim is chrome, as are the wipers and the license plate surround looks like a metal mesh. There are Corvair and Chevrolet script nameplates on the car, a chrome trim strip along the car body’s side, aligning perfectly with the front and rear bumpers, plus painted on silver hood air intakes and outlets on the front fenders. There’s a painted keyhole on each door and below the rear bumper for a trunk release.

The interior is white with well-shaped seats and the dual cowl dash that Corvette featured at the time. Dash detailing is good for the price with all the gauges and dials represented with stickers on the dash. There’s a chrome mirror on the dash, which was standard placement at the time, and a white steering wheel with silver horn ring and Corvette’s crossed-flag logo on the hub.

DSCF0147Wheels are broad white sidewalls with some tread while hubcaps are big chrome numbers, again featuring the Corvette logo at their center.

The BoS-Models are marketed in blue sleeves with Best of Show on the front of the sleeve and a BoS logo inside a half wreath. The model’s name is printed on the black plastic stand with a handsome acrylic cover.

The Corvette Corvair is a rare model attractively crafted at an equally attractive price.

FAST Stats: 1954 Chevrolet Corvette Corvair Concept

Maker: BoS-Models

Scale: 1/43

Stock No.: 198265

MSRP: $38.95

Link: American-Excellence.com


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