Die-Cast: DNA Collectible’s VW Golf GTI Clubsport S

Golf GTI Clubsport S a hot hatch even in 1:18 scale …

Never as a teen or 20-something driver did I think Volkswagen would create a performance-oriented hatchback.

The Beetle was about to go away, the Rabbit was new, and the Dasher was sort of sportier looking, but really, not so hot. Yet over the years VW’s Golf has evolved, and in GTI trim has become a darned racy hatchback with great handling and good power.

Well, in Europe VW has taken the Golf even further, and that’s what DNA Collectibles shows off with its new 1:18 scale Golf GTI Clubsport S, a sizzling hot hatch only available overseas, at least for now. This fits right in with DNA’s, well, DNA of producing rare and limited run models from makes such as VW, Audi, Volvo, Saab, and Subaru. The GTI is No. 37 among its releases during its first several years of creating fine resin die-cast vehicles.

The History

VW’s GTI has always been its sports car version of the utilitarian Golf hatchback and VW has been offering a GTI since 1985, so it’s a known quantity. But in Europe where VW has frequently upped the ante with other upgrades and trims, this new Clubsport S is a hot rodder’s hot rod.

Let’s start with the impressive power. The Clubsport S features a turbo I4 that will jam out 296 horsepower, roughly 50 hp more than a standard GTI. Torque numbers are nearly an identical 295. A neck brace might be a wise optional add-on as the torque allows any driver to aggressively chirp those front drive tires on his or her way to a missile-like getaway! Top speed is said to be about 155 mph. Hot hatch indeed!

In addition, in the 1:1 world this hot rod also rides on 18-inch tires, with 19-inchers optional, and has special settings to adjust the ride and handling for the racetrack. Plus a revised suspension lowers the car a half inch from standard GTI models. Steering also gets special Vehicle Dynamics Manager treatment to make it and the shocks more adaptive to aggressive driving.

The Model

The model looks quick.

A silky smooth white finish with a gloss black roof and window trim gives this Golf a sophisticated, yet sporty look. That’s augmented by additional gloss black multi-spoke racing wheels and red brake calipers visible behind them along with giant reflective brake discs. This Clubsport oozes cool!

There are a lot of little touches that add sparkle to this little gem too. The fine black comb-like nose trim under the lights that then blends with the lower black trim stripe along the car’s lower edge of the door and above the rocker panel. It even carries the Clubsport S name on that black stripe.

Mirrors are gloss black with thin silver trim inserts and there’s gloss black lower body moldings all the way around. These are ultra-thin but really set this model off and give the white body definition.

Headlights feature 3D, deep and detailed projector lights under a clear lens and the red GTI logo on the grille and trim line runs through the lights. Wow! Naturally there’s a crisp black honeycomb mesh grille on the lower nose with a partially exposed chrome radiator behind it.

Little red and chrome GTI logos grace the front edge of the upper side character line. This is just above the front wheel well and subtly extends through the door back to the rear well.

In back are well executed clear red taillights, a VW logo and trunk release mid-hatch and a GTI label below the driver’s side taillights. Dual chrome-tipped exhausts exit below the rear bumper and small black diffuser. Then there’s a white and mostly black wing up above that melds smoothly with the rear hatch and roofline.

On the passenger side is a well-defined fuel filler door that looks almost as if it would open, if pressed.

Inside, the interior is black with sporty bucket seats featuring GTI logos just below the tall headrests, and twin white and red accent stripes defining the middle portion of the seats. There’s also a red band at 12 o’clock on the steering wheel and a beautifully detailed dash with gauges, air vents and well-labeled center stack.

Tough to see inside as the windows are all up. Maybe the driver’s side window should be open.

The short black shifter knob on the console even includes the Clubsport’s red trim line around its head. My only complaint is that the doors don’t open so I can see the interior better, sort of a shame considering the detail included there.

But all of the DNA resin die-cast vehicles are sealed body, as the designers there know that most of us pose our models with hoods and doors closed to show off a gorgeous car’s body lines. And this one certainly looks spectacular just as it sits.

DNA continues to sell its models in a sturdy black box with large window, so the cars remain easy to display as is. Best way to get your own Clubsport S in 1:18 scale? Check out the DNA website below.

Vital Stats: VW Golf Clubsport S

Maker: DNA Collectibles
Scale: 1/18
Stock No.: DNA000037
MSRP: $154.99

Link: DNAcollectibles.com


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