Die-cast: Autoart Jaguar XKR-S

Even in 1:18 scale Jaguar XKR-S is sleek, sexyjag3

When Ford first owned Jaguar, the storied maker of racy touring coupes and sedans, the British car maker was in a serious slump.

Then along came Ian Callum and designs returned to near classic proportions, one being the sleek and sexy XKR-S coupe. By the way, Callum also styled the Aston Martin DB7 and Vanquish, and you’ll note the noses look similar to the Jag, or is it the other way round?

In either case, Autoart brings the XKR-S to life in Italian Racing Red and 1:18 scale, with strong detail inside and out. Pricing also is reasonable for such detail and a 1:18 model with opening hood, doors and trunk, at just below $150.

The History

savageonwheels, care reviews big and small, diecast cars, new cars, car reviews, new trucks, new truck reviews, promotional model cars, promo model cars The XKR-S was introduced in 2005 and production didn’t end until this past summer. Folks liked its looks right away with an oval grille that reminded many of the 1961 E-Type. They also liked its power and refinement. The XKR-S touts a 550-horse supercharged 5.0-liter V8 with a 0-60 mph time of just 4.2 seconds and top speed of 186 mph. That’s faster than any of us need to run a car, but I can vouch for 110 mph coming up quickly as I got to test drive an XKS-R at Road America. Check out the video link here.


The Jag has Performance Active Exhaust, Adaptive Dynamics Suspension, a lower more aerodynamic ride height, forged aluminum suspension parts, and a rotary gear selector that pops up from the console. You can see that in Autoart’s version too.

jag1XKR-S also is loaded with high-performance brakes that feature 15-inch rotors up front and 14.8 inches in back, plus 4 tailpipes and a carbon fiber rear spoiler, all obvious on the Autoart model.




The Model:

Like the real deal this Autoart Jag features vertical slit air intakes on the sides of its nose while up front are realistic dual projector beam headlights and reflectors on the side fenders along with a chrome Jaguar logo on the front quarter panels, just behind the wheel wells. There’s also a black mesh grille with a circular Jaguar logo along with RS badging on the grille.

I like the racy look of the carbon fiber nose spoiler and the nose has twin hood vents. This is a rear-opening hood with nicely detailed engine beneath and it features another Jaguar label, this one on the engine’s head cover.

Not a lot to see, like the real car the engine is well sealed and hidden.
Not a lot to see, like the real car the engine is well sealed and hidden on the Autoart model.

Like the real car, the engine compartment is packed full, but you can see cooling hoses, a few caps and such, and a lot of gray plastic. Engine bays are getting to look more generic in real cars, and that’s reflected here.

There’s also a carbon fiber rear wing and lower fascia in back with twin dual chrome exhausts and a leaping Jaguar logo on the trunk. The coupe’s cat-like red and white rear lights look realistic too and the hatch opens wide, its big rear window featuring an orange defroster grid.

Autoart uses real mirrors on the doors, a nice reflection on its dedication to detail, plus well-detailed door handles and an XKR-S logo on the metal door sill, which you can see once either door is opened.

Another finely detailed Autoart interior.
Another finely detailed Autoart interior.

The 1:18 XKR-S rolls on snazzy alloy one-piece Vulcan dark technical matte gray finish 6-spoke wheels that are perfectly shaped. Behind those wheels are the giant rotors as on the full-size XKR-S with red Jaguar-labeled calipers.

Tires are treaded and appear to be low-profiles, but are not branded.

Inside, the model features a gray leather look interior with detailed dash and right-hand drive. Hey, the real ones ARE made in England.

Adding realism are a glass-faced gauge pod, silver trimmed air vents, three-spoke steering wheel and console with that cool pop-up gear select knob mentioned earlier. I also like the chrome inside door releases and buttons on the doors that are designed to adjust the 1-to-1 car’s seats. Autoart also faithfully reproduces chrome-ringed stereo speakers and small subwoofers in the doors.jag2

This is another well executed Autoart model, and it’s a delightful luxury sports touring coupe that would look good in any collection. But it fits in especially well if you’re an Anglophile and collect British cars, such as Jags, Austin Healeys, Mini Coopers, Lotuses and McLarens.

Vital Stats Product: Jaguar XKR-S (Italian Racing Red)

Maker: Autoart

Scale: 1/18

Stock No.: 73642

MSRP: $149.90jag7

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