Die-cast: TSM 1973 Tyrrell 006 (Jackie Stewart)

tyrrell1TSM’s Jackie Stewart-driven 1973 Tyrrell 006 a winner

Picture a blue open wheel racer with Elf sponsorship and you likely think of Jackie Stewart in a Tyrrell F1 car circa the early 1970s.

No wonder then that TSM Models created that car, the Tyrrell 006 in 1:18 scale to tempt Formula 1 and open wheel racing fans. This was the car that Stewart wheeled to his third and final F1 World Championship in 1973. Stewart won 6 F1 races in his final season and 27 overall, a record at the time he retired to become a TV commentator, author and business spokesperson.

Everyone knows Jackie Stewart and race fans of a certain age loved the look of the 1970s F1 racers, back when ground effects were new and took varying shapes. Here the front and rear wings are large, but look planned. In the late 1960s and early ‘70s the wings often looked odd or like they were thrown on just before the race to see IF they would help.

The giant air scoop right behind the driver’s head also gives the Tyrrell 006 a unique, futuristic look.

The Model:

TSM’s Tyrrell is the car Stewart drove to victory in the 1973 Belgian Grand Prix, the No. 5 with just the Elf, Ford, Motorcraft (a Ford auto parts brand) and Goodyear sponsorship decals, plus the Team Tyrrell logo. At that, the car is beautiful in its simplicity, even though its shape is interesting, to say the least.

tyrrell2Start at the nose, which appears a bit of a cow-catcher being a tall thick wing that shrouds the car’s nose and extends partially in front of the tires. Behind that on the body are metal vents to cool the brakes and interior components and then a blue windscreen to shield the driver.

There’s a No. 5 on the nose and on both sidepods that helped create downforce to allow the car to carry more speed through turns. There are metal gas caps atop each pod and grille work that’s molded into the pod’s rear surfaces. Big silver mirrors protrude from each side of the windshield, and Stewart’s name is stenciled in white on either side of the cockpit.

Cockpits themselves were pretty bare bones at this point with a small black steering wheel and three gauges in front of the driver. Here those appear to be decals. There are three metallic pedals, solid blue vinyl seatbelts and silver buckles. The shoulder harness portion appears to be molded into the seat, so not quite as realistic as cloth belts in some 1:18 scale racers. And yes, there’s the requisite small shift knob on the cockpit’s right side, just next to the wheel.tyrrell3

The front and rear suspensions and rear differential are well detailed as is the delicate framing struts that hold the rear wing in place. Flip the model over and you get a better view of the Ford Cosworth V8 engine and the coiled exhaust pipes along with the starter and red taillight. Wish the rear bonnet was removable so you could see the engine’s top end too, but that added detail would likely push the asking price higher.

Tires are hard flat black rubber with Goodyear logos and black 4-spoke racing wheels with a center silver wheel lug.

More detail would naturally be nice, but this Tyrrell is detailed enough to warrant its $139.99 price and the car presents well in a case. Maybe team this up with some other F1 or 1960s and ’70s Indy car models for a racy open-wheel display in your man cave!

The TSM model was provided for review by Replicarz, which also offers its own unique vintage Indy Car lineup at http://www.replicarz.com.

FAST Stats: 1973 Tyrrell 006 #5 (Jackie Stewart)
Maker: TSM Model
Scale: 1:18
Stock No.: TSM131810
MSRP: $139.99

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