Diecast: Auto World 1969 AMC AMX Hurst SS

Two-seat muscle car a rarity, but ready to race

AMC’s AMX was an automotive rarity, a two-seat muscle car on a short wheelbase that most folks at the time agreed handled more like a sports car.1969 AMC AMX

American MotorsJavelin had just come out a few months earlier when AMC unveiled the AMX for 1968 ½ in February of that year. Auto World’s 1:18 version is a “frost” white 1969 AMX Hurst SS version, the rarest of the rare.

Only 52 AMX models were made, all starting out white as they rolled off the assembly line headed to Hurst Performance for tuning, the aim being drag racing. Most were painted the racy AMC red, white and blue colors before being sold and released by Hurst, so this represents the car in its purest form, before such a paint job and appearing like many Super Stock models were ordered.

Hurst put AMC’s 390 cid V8 into the engine bay, along with forged pistons and an Edelbrock cross-ram manifold and other performance tweaks that gave the mighty mite 420 horsepower. In back would be super-wide slicks for the drag strip and in the model you can see that they barely fit inside the wheel wells.

Overall the AMX in this form only lasted three model years, 1968-1970, but the Javelin carried the AMX label through 1974. Base price for the ’69 SS model was $5,994, about $1,900 more than the base AMX.

Performance, according to magazines of the day, was about 6.5 seconds from 0 to 60 mph and a touch over 16 seconds from 0-100 and a top speed of 120+ mph.

Performance: Auto World’s model is a handsome reproduction of the 1969 AMX with its long hood and chopped looking rear-end. The white paint job is smooth and pure looking and collectors will like the painted chrome trim around the windows while the wipers, mirrors, hood pins and flush door handles appear more metallic.

The car’s five-spoke Magnum 500 wheels also are bright chrome and the bright work on the grille, bumpers and around the realistic lights looks good. There are tiny red, white and blue AMC logos with the “390” moniker on the rear quarter panels and AMX logos on the grille and rear light panel. AMX logos on the quarter panels near the rear window are not as well executed.

Inside the model looks like a standard AMX, but with the optional leather upholstery and a hood over the instruments in front of the driver, which came out later on the 1969 models. Plus there’s the big Hurst floor shifter, as you’d expect.

I like the wood-look 3-spoke sport steering wheel too, and the wood-like inserts in the AMX’s door panels. The rest of the interior replicates black leather.AMC AMX from Auto World

Naturally the hood, doors and trunk open and on the Elite line the steering also is functional. The V8 engine bay is well detailed too, while under the car are short white exhaust pipes and bright red shocks for the rear suspension, giving the underside a realistic look that you don’t get with all diecast models, even some pricier ones. There’s even a clever “Frosty” personalized Utah license plate front and rear.

There simply are not enough good AMC models in 1:18 scale, so congrats to Auto World for taking the chance on this one. It’s uniqueness and eye-catching in its bright white paint job. For the price, a nice and unusual muscle car.

FAST Stats:1969 AMC AMX Hurst SS

Maker: Auto World

Scale: 1:18

Stock No.: AMM979/06

MSRP: $79.99

Rating: 3 stars

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