Small scale slot car track with big details

The ultimate experience for F1 fanatics

Slot Mods USA creates what could be considered the holy grail of slot car layouts for racers. I’m in for sure on that. These guys create over the top layouts which are all hand-crafted and museum quality. They create slot car tracks from vintage to modern-day circuits. The layouts guys like me and Mark dream about. Slot Mods crafts each layout utilizing styrofoam and construction-grade lumber, plus materials like marble, leather or exotic hardwoods. The details are amazing and looked after by everyone from fabricators to model artists. Slot Mods seems to keep crafting ones that are better and better each time. Their latest is an F1-commissioned build of the Canadian Grand Prix.

I know you want one

You could buy this or have one made of your favorite track. Mine is Road America and Slot Mods crafted a layout that I would almost seem that I was there, and I’m there a lot. They are not cheap though and will cost you about the same amount you would pay for a nice collector car like a Mustang or a Corvette. Builds costs start at just under 3 grand for a basic layout and then go up to $75,000. Or, you could go to a Formula 1 race and purchase tickets in the VIP Paddock Club, sort of like a sky box, maybe even at Lambeau Field where the Green Bay Packers play. Yes, I’m a cheesehead. The images I’m sharing on this blog entry are just a few of the layout. Go to the Slot Mods Facebook page to see more. Make sure you go to their site too and check out the amazing layouts.






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