Dodge and Star Wars cross-promotion?

Everybody seems to be in

You have to have been hiding under a rock to know that the latest Star Wars stormtrooper helmetmovie, “The Force Awakens”, because the promotion is everywhere. Walmart is in big time as is Verizon and a bunch of others. I love both of the spots. I must have heard five while doing this blog entry. You know I’m a Star Wars fan from this previous post and of course I’m a car guy. So the other day, I’m looking at the design changes made to the uniforms especially the Stormtrooper helmet, which by the way, are now being sold all over the place. This one from ($249.99). Tiny changes but they hit a chord with me. Wait a minute……What……Really.

dodge charger, dodge, charger

Then I started looking at this 2016 Dodge Charger I used in a previous post. Back and forth I went between the two images. I don’t know, I’m just saying, the helmet looks totally looks like the Charger. Ok, it might be the cold meds I’m on. I’ll go back and look at them again next week when I’m off the meds. but check out the combined image. Your call.

star wars the force awakens, star wars, storm trooper, dodge charger, dodge, charger

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