Car-related Christmas gift ideas

The countdown has begun…..

cars christmas countdown calendar…when I opened the date today in my Cars Christmas Countdown Calendar. Behind each date is a nice piece of chocolate. I’m such a fiend. Hope I can get all the way through.

The ultimate Christmas gift list

You know I like to do this “If money were no object….”. That’s exactly what I’m going to do here. Since just about everybody would put a rare collector car in restored to original condition, myself included, on their Christmas list, I’m going to change thing up. Cars are off the list but anything else is fair game.

I’ll start. I’ve always wanted to go to a high-performance driving school and the ultimate experience I found at, the Forza Motorsport Grand Prix Road Racing at Bob Bondurant in Arizona. Two big things for me. I’d get to drive a Corvette in track conditions and get the heck out of Wisconsin during the winter months.

But that’s just me

Chime in. I might steal your idea if it’s cooler than mine.




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