Slot car: 10th Anniversary Audi R8C

Special Audi LeMans racer looks great, fast on track!

I first ran into racers in while walking the exhibits at Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany, 10 years ago and was impressed with the firm’s detailed car bodies. But I have to admit, at the time I thought, “Good luck. Hope you make a go of it.”audi1

There’s plenty of competition in the slot world, with well-established players. … BUT DID make a go of it, and now celebrates its 10th anniversary with the reissuing of its original Audi R8C LeMans racer. When first launched it was rare for a slot car maker to have such a new model, as the car had raced at LeMans in 1999.

But that’s just the start of how has pushed the envelope for 1:32 scale slot cars. Its chassis and wheels are light, some models using hollow aluminum wheels, and its motors are tightly wound for power. Most enthusiasts consider these to be the top-level cars on the market, in looks, and performance.

The original R8C, while a slippery design, was not successful for Audi, although it was an early step to propelling the German automaker to 11 overall LeMans 24 Hour wins since 2000. The R8C was the enclosed version of the R8 and only two were made, both running, and falling out, of the 1999 LeMans endurance race. The No. 10 car was the more successful, qualifying 20th and lasting about half the race, completing 198 laps when its gearbox died.

Up close and personal

But while the R8C is the precursor to a long successful Audi run at the famous French track, the decennial anniversary model appropriately marks 10 years of refining the slot car market. And as such, it’s cloaked in chrome and black body work, but with highly detailed mirrors and plastic roof antennas that originally showed’s attention to detail.

audi2There is still the strong giant rear wing, now in black with Audi’s trademark logo of interlinking rings, symbolizing the linking of four automakers back in the day. There is an Italian flag on the car’s nose and sides, honoring the slot car firm’s home country, right beside the No. 10, with 2002-2012 denoting the anniversary. An orange and blue logo also is on the nose and sides of the engine cowl. Visually, the car is stunning and will show well in any display case, store or home.

Likewise, creates a flashy silver display box, again touting the company’s anniversary. But as flashy as the car is, most true slot car enthusiasts will want to race this special limited (3,000) edition. Although it Does look good on the shelf.

As with other models, the Audi has gimbal bushings along with an integral motor-axle mount. These are sturdy cars, but also lightweight, featuring aluminum CNC-made rear wheels. There also are several magnet positions, so racers can tune their car to fit their track.

Best of all is a high-revving, 26,000 rpm motor, that helps it zip down any straightaway. I have three cars with the same basic chassis, magnet and motor combination and this one “slotted” right in the middle of those for times on my track, although the Audi is easily the sharpest looking racer.

Using silicone tires the Audi’s best lap was 4.93 seconds compared with 4.81 for my Mazda 787B and 5.18 seconds for a McLaren F1. So this, like other racers, will be highly competitive. models are the top-shelf racers that hard-core enthusiasts want. Many will want this beautiful chrome Audi!slot-audi

FAST Stats: Audi R8C 10th Anniversary


Scale: 1:32

Stock No.: CA01-10th

MSRP: $74.95

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