The sick minds of some car builders

Don’t read this on an empty stomach!

KLM, midwest airlines, airline Passengers, commercial airline seatsOr if you just happen to have an unused airline puke bag, have it handy. What? One of the other things I collect is airline memorabilia, like these seats from a KLM DC-9, which included three. Yup, I’m slowly collecting parts and should have a full airliner in about…..long story. One of my favorite Apps on my iPhone is Hemmings Motor News. On the top of the page they Hemmings-app-imagehave featured cars for sale along with stories about classic cars farther down. I love seeing mostly cars I will never own but lust over. That doesn’t cost a dime. I recently viewed two cars that stood out. Not that they were cool or collectible but because one was repulsive and the other is an “A” for effort but really? I’ll save the first one for last and build up to it.

A faux Ford GT

Photo: Hemmings
Photo: Hemmings

This has a nice ring to it. According to, faux is defined as, “false, counterfeit or imitation, esp when used in compounds, for example faux-leather”, or in this case “faux-Ford”. I like the sound when I say it, Fo Ford. From this image it looks like a Ford GT, if you just look at it for about two seconds, but when I saw what they were asking for it, $16,000, something was rotten in Ford land. “A” for effort by the company that assembled it since they made the body and then mated it to essentially a GM power train. Go check it out but if you buy it, don’t take it to a Ford GT car show. Looks good on the shopping mall parking lot though.

It’s not Halloween, is it?

1982-Chevrolet-Corvette-CaballistaIf it were this would be a great costume for your C3 Corvette. Argh!!!!! This is a ’82 Corvette Caballista, 1 of only 50 ever built according to the description on Hemmings. It was built by Les Dunham of Dunham Coach Motor Car Company in Boonton, N.J. and sold for $65,000 new. This would be the last thing I would buy if I had a spare 65k. “This car really turns heads!” Not for me but you decide. Sorry if I made your tummy sour. Have a great weekend.


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