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The sick minds of some car builders

Don’t read this on an empty stomach!

KLM, midwest airlines, airline Passengers, commercial airline seatsOr if you just happen to have an unused airline puke bag, have it handy. What? One of the other things I collect is airline memorabilia, like these seats from a KLM DC-9, which included three. Yup, I’m slowly collecting parts and should have a full airliner in about…..long story. One of my favorite Apps on my iPhone is Hemmings Motor News. On the top of the page they Hemmings-app-imagehave featured cars for sale along with stories about classic cars farther down. I love seeing mostly cars I will never own but lust over. That doesn’t cost a dime. I recently viewed two cars that stood out. Not that they were cool or collectible but because one was repulsive and the other is an “A” for effort but really? I’ll save the first one for last and build up to it. Continue reading The sick minds of some car builders


Chasing Classic Cars: The Ultimate Garage

Jay Leno’s Collection

I love Jay Leno for a couple of reasons, he’s funny, and a car guy. Huge car guy! Has almost 300 cars and motorcycles in his collection, and every car is liscensed and street-legal. What I wouldn’t give for a tour. I asked to give away a tour as part of a promotion I was planning for a magazine I was doing the marketing for and NBC said no:) Bummer.

His 25 coolest


It would be tough for me to pick his 25 coolest since they are all cool. Yahoo Auto gave it a crack. Here are my “faves of the faves”, the Chrysler turbine and Yenko Corvair.



The need for speed

It’s not just the auto manufactures

nic case, world's fastest r/c carRadio controlled guys are into it too. Already know that the radio controlled jets will do about 225. What do you think the fastest car is? 100? Not even close. After several attempts, remote-control car enthusiast Nic Case has finally built an electric-powered car that passed 200 mph, possibly setting a new land speed record for R/C cars. Not talking scale but actual speed here, meaning Case’s R/C car, nicknamed the Bullet, will be able to put many life-sized high-performance cars to shame. Check out the video.

Braking News: Chrysler 200 @ Chicago Auto Show

Not a warmed up Sebring anymore

2014 chicago auto show, 2015 chrysler 200, chrysler 200, d sedan cars, mid size cars, car reviews, savageonwheels.com Chrysler finally has the D sedan they always wanted. For 2015 they were able to start fresh and the new 200 is light years better than last year’s 200. Mark and I had a chance to talk with one of the engineers who helped designed it at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. Click on the image below to see the video.2014 chicago auto show, 2015 chrysler 200, chrysler 200, d sedan cars, mid size cars, car reviews, savageonwheels.com

Chasing Classic Bond Cars

How can a car guy not like James Bond movies?

James bond cars, famous bond cars, bond car collector pricesThe cars in the movies could almost be listed as co-stars with all the gadgets and those chase scenes. But it didn’t start that way. James Bond’s first car was the modest ’62 Sunbeam Alpine Series II, in lake blue appearing in Dr. No (1962). Still it’s one of my favorites along with the following.

James bond cars, famous bond cars, bond car collector pricesThe Bond franchise began it’s long relationship with Aston Martin with a ’63 Aston Martin DB5 appearing in the movies Goldfinger (1964), and Thunderball (1965).

James bond cars, famous bond cars, bond car collector pricesAfter a couple of years off Aston Martin makes a return starring role with a ’68 DBS introduced a new James Bond, George Lazenby, in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1968).

James bond cars, famous bond cars, bond car collector prices

Continue reading Chasing Classic Bond Cars

Mercury Breezeway: When a Merc wasn’t a Ford

Another unique automotive innovation of the ’60s

1963_mercury_breezeway_adI hate to see a car company go out of business, or car line dropped, especially being such a big AMC guy. Most likely the cars they produced utilized several innovations to separate them from their competition. The rear engine Chevy Corvair, Unibody Construction by American Motors, and Electroluminescent instrument panel lighting by Chrysler. Of course there are tons of others. One that Mercury utilized was the The Breezeway window in the mid 60’s. Mercury did this in an attempt to differentiate itself from the the Fords they were based on. The thought behind the concept was that a driver would open the vents in the dashboard then the back window and have fresh air flowing through the car. Because the roof was slanted, no rain would get in. Hmmm, I’m thinking air conditioning would have worked better here.

The concept got good reviews

The automotive trades liked the Breezeway. Motor Trend pointed out in a test of a Monterey Custom sedan for its March 1963 issue, “The window has three primary ad­van­tages, all equally valuable as far as we’re concerned. There is, of course, more head room for rear seat passengers than with the window sloped in the regular manner. The window’s roof overhang provides a generous sunshade for the rear seat. … Finally, the window opens, operated by a dash control, and is very handy as a ventilation aid.” Car Life liked it too. “About the styling of the current Mercurys, we can only say that the ‘notch-back’ rear window provides the best ventilation and rearward visibility we’ve yet found on a ’63 car,” it said, but added, “It does make the rear-end appear abnormally long.”

But then they kind of mucked it up.

Guess the smokers would have loved it.
Guess the smokers would have loved it.

It did differentiate the Mercury line from the Fords but then for the 1963 model year Mercury added a more conventional-looking Marauder hardtop to the line, sharing the sleek “slantback” roof of the 1963-1/2 big Fords. The slantback roof had been introduced for the benefit of Ford’s NASCAR racers, and its appearance on the Marauder was intended to support Mercury’s own return to racing in 1963. I remember Parnelli Jones driving one at the Milwaukee Mile. Yawn…Mercury buyers weren’t blown away by the looks of the Breezeway, and Mercury’s total 1963 sales were down nearly 40,000 units from 1962; the compact and mid-size lines outsold the big Breezeway cars by a significant margin. Sales were little better the face-lifted ’64s, which deleted the four-door hardtop Breezeway in favor of a four-door version of the Marauder hardtop. Business rallied a bit for ’65 and ’66, but model-for-model sales of the full-size cars were depressing; only the four-door sedans broke into the five-figure range. Off into the sunset the Breezeway went.

A tough car to find now

On my search for Breezeway now I found the pickings slim but not expensive, mostly around 8 grand, but these would essentially be project cars and not show cars. Not that they couldn’t be and if you’re looking for that, there are some good deals. Good examples of the promotional model cars are also hard to find but of course a lot easier on the finances although not cheap. You can find plenty of restoration projects for well under $100 on the action sites and if you’re good at modeling, they would be pretty easy to fix up and maybe even take it to the next level like in this previous post.

Park Ave Breezeway64 merc park laneBut for you who want the car, maybe just one like you owned, or are that collector looking for that one last color be prepared to pay around 300 bucks and up. Going to one of my favorite places to shop for cars (please don’t tell my wife) is Wheat’s Nostalgia. Joe has a couple of cars up for sale. This 1964 above is one of the best examples around. Graded a 10 out of 10, just like it left the factory. Besides having the box, this one has no scratches (tough to find) no warping, chrome and class are outstanding. While your dad may have given you one like this back in 1964 and maybe paid 2 bucks for it, this one is going for $610. Think about it, 2 bucks in ’64 and 610 now. Not too bad. Joe also has (or had) a couple of other promotional model cars, dealer promotional model cars, model cars, savageonwheels.com, wheat's nostalgia64 beigh 2Breezeways, also 1964’s. This white one is a 9. Most collectors would be quite satisfied with a model which has this grading as it is near mint. A “9” might have some rather minor chrome rubs, re-plated original chrome, or possibly a tiny paint imperfection but nothing broken or missing. promotional model cars, dealerBlack 6$525 and it’s yours to take home. This black one, again a hardtop, went for $315. Finding one in black is difficult. I really like the look of the 2-door hardtops. So if you’re in search for another project, there are plenty of them on eBay. No worries because there are tons of resources to help you out and you will see in the links below. If you’re stuck, shoot me the question and I’ll do my best to connect you with the people who can help make your project a perfect 10.






Plymouth Ruster….err Duster

1972 Plymouth Duster photographed in College P...

It carried a bad nickname for some owners, Ruster.

OK, so right out of the gate, Mopar fans, I really like the Duster. Easy now. We OK? My personal experience comes from my best friend who owned one. He bought it used and I’m not sure how many miles he had on it. I do remember it had a 3 on the floor, the slant six and was some sort of orangish/yellow. I also remember kicking the rear quarters and it raining rust. It was a solid car though otherwise. Rust wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for the cars of this era. They all rusted. He traded it for a Chevy Nova when he had to I think buy a new manifold for his Duster and didn’t fare much better because the Nova he got caught on fire while he was driving it. Good name, Nova. Puffffff! Continue reading Plymouth Ruster….err Duster

Dwarf Cars

Saw this video on Auto Week about a guy who makes 7/10th scale cars. Cool stuff.

Promo model: Restored 1966 Ford Galaxie 500

Turning a junker into a gem

promo car projects, savageonwheels.com, Paul Daniel digital marketingFord Galaxy, ford, galaxy, promo model cars, SavageOnWheels.com, Paul Daniel digital marketingBarn find is a term used when somebody finds a really special car which has been sitting in the corner of a barn all covered up. What the treasure hunter will do is restore the car to the way it came out of the factory. But restoration projects are not just limited to the barn finds for the real cars.

If you’re a collector like me, you will have a pile of promo model cars like this. The project on the left is a restoration of a 1968 Ambassador Convertible. The Pacer…eh…not sure what I’ll do with that. The other image (Courtesy Collector’s Weekly) is a ’66 Ford Galaxie 500 restored. More on that in a bit but first a bit of background on the real deal. Continue reading Promo model: Restored 1966 Ford Galaxie 500

My resume


262.844.5737 – paulgeorgedaniel@gmail.com – Pewaukee, WI.


Senior-Level Marketing Leader, Emerging Digital Technologies/Interactive Marketing/

Integrated Marketing/Brand Management/Project Management

 Career Overview

Craftsman of award-winning marketing programs with an extensive digital toolbox utilized to create and execute high ROI partnerships with some of the world’s most recognized and valuable brands. Highly regarded leader ahead of the trends. Skilled in evaluating brand needs and implementing strategies that increase revenue and brand awareness. Developed a reputation of consistently looking at marketing opportunities from a fresh perspective to achieve corporate objects. Extensive experience in magazine publishing, broadcast, retail/consumer goods and services, healthcare, and automotive. Areas of expertise:

»       Integrated Marketing»       Branding

»       Strategic Planning

»       Digital Marketing Strategy

»       Project Management


»       Social Media Marketing»       Research/Data Analysis

»       Experiential Marketing

»       Viral Marketing

»       Partnership Development


Career Highlights

Owner, GrowBizGrow

Pewaukee, WI, 2011 to present

Through research discovered an opportunity to develop web sites for small businesses whose owners do not have the time, or the knowledge, to develop their brand in the digital spaces. Utilizing the latest web technologies, I work with the owner to set goals and then create a site that reflects their business’s personality. Services include all SEO and training on how to maintain their site with the content management system. Current clients include SavageOnWheels.com (niche car review site), AAEN Performance Parts (aftermarket snowmobile manufacture), Cardiff Hills (marketing firm), and the Flying Electrons (a radio control flying club).

»   Researched and developed a niche car review blog site that includes car reviews but also content the major car sites do not have such as reviews of diecast models, slot cars, and promotional model cars. Built on the WordPress platform created branding and marketing plan that includes SEO, social and content marketing.

Marketing Manager/Digital Partnerships/U.S. Brands

Reader’s Digest Association, Greendale, WI, 2009 to 2011          

Assumed total responsibilities in most recent position which was previously held by three managers (Senior Digital Marketing Manager, VP-Circulation, CMO). Developed performance-based partnerships for Taste of Home, The Family Handyman, and Every Day with Rachael Ray brands for a global media and direct marketing company, which connects more than 145 million consumers around the world with products and services from trusted brands. Collaborated with cross-discipline teams, served as project manager.

»   Developed partnership business model utilizing digital and print assets, executed program, and campaign analysis. Upon completion briefed VP-Consumer Marketing and CMO to determine the viability of the program. Successes were shared with the global best practices team.

»   Forged multi-channel partnership with Macy’s; instrumental in building a new brand through largest annual store event held in multiple major metropolitan markets. Digital assets, websites, e-mail, social while print assets included, print ads and point of purchase. Partnership realized in a 20% increase in the brand’s website traffic (comScore) and subscriptions.

»   Implemented plan to effectively increase revenue by partnering with global consumer goods and services companies, which shared similar demographics with selected Reader’s, Digest brands. Targeted decision makers, negotiated agreements, executed digital plans, resulting in a $100K (500%) increase year over year.

»   Collaborated across disciplines including, circulation marketing, digital, editorial, and sales in executing successful partnerships with, Army and Air Force Exchange, Ancestry.com, Groupon, Macy’s, and Rue La La.

»   Aligned brands with partners in the retail, CPG, utilizing digital spaces, web, social, mobile and e-mail after extensive research.

Group Circulation Manager

Kalmbach Publishing Company, Waukesha, WI, 2007 to 2009

Developed marketing strategies and plans utilizing digital media, direct mail, and partnership marketing for the leading global publisher of special interest/hobbyist magazines. Managed the marketing for four of the company’s 14 magazines, which generated over $4 million in annual revenue.

»   Managed execution of customized marketing programs and budgets. Achieved circulation and profitability goals for assigned magazines, three of which are global category leaders.

»   Analyzed web metrics (Google) and successfully re-launched two magazines websites. Utilizing the latest web technology surpassing circulation revenue goals. In three months, one magazine realized a 45% increase in subscription revenue while the other increased by 50%.

Marketing Director

Laacke & Joys, Milwaukee, WI, 1999 to 2007                                                   

Accountable for positioning, marketing, digital media, market research, public relations, and point of purchase promotions. Recruited to refocus marketing efforts, reverse a flat sales trend, and increase awareness of Wisconsin’s largest independent outdoor specialty retailer.

»   Researched available options for the company’s first e-commerce platform, developed marketing/search engine strategy, and with input from the buyer’s group selected products. Because it was positioned as a niche site, traffic and sales grew 19% faster than projected and within a year generated profits significant enough to begin adding additional staff.

»   Developed a consumer loyalty program through collaboration with cross-functional areas. Crafted marketing plan for launch utilizing multi-channel delivery tactics to deliver messaging and drive memberships. Leveraged e-mails captured from new members; deployed message about upcoming sales event that led to a 15% increase in revenue.

Director, Communications and Marketing

Curative Care Network, Milwaukee, WI, 1996 to 1999

Hired as Director of Public Relations to manage all internal and external communications for the largest tertiary care provider in Southeastern Wisconsin. Within a year was promoted to Director, Communications, acquiring additional duties in developing branding campaigns. Created the organizations first website creatively implementing interactive features.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications


Public Relations Society of America-Wisconsin Chapter: Four Excellence Awards and Two Awards of Merit • American Hospital Association: Banner Award • Wisconsin Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society: Excellence Award and Two Awards of Merit • Healthcare Marketing Report: Gold Award, Bronze Award and Certificate of Merit