Plymouth Superbird Redux

A supercar of the 70’s returns with a new look and more power in the 20’s

superbird, plymouth superbird, nascar, dodge chargerThe Plymouth Superbird and Dodge Daytona where and are still head turners. Who could miss that huge spoiler on the back. NASCAR racing was huge and it was a big deal for a manufacture to have their car win. The Superbird, a modified Road Runner, was Plymouth’s follow-on design to the Charger Daytona fielded by Dodge in the previous season. Chrysler didn’t just slap on the aero stuff and get it out the door. It was the first American car to be designed aerodynamically using a wind tunnel and computer analysis. Only 1,935 Superbirds were built. Not only collectible now because of the look but also the ginormous amount of horse power packed under the hood make this highly collectible. A good example will go for well into six figures. See more history here.

Meet the new Superbird

new plymouth superbird, plymouth superbird, fast cars

This is over the top cool. Developed by Joel Highsmith who took a 2008 Dodge Challenger pounding in 1,000 hp in the engine bay it has a top speed of 194 mph. I am still drooling.





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