Die-cast: TSM 1:43 1967 Chevrolet Impala Coupe

TSM nails Chevrolet Impala with crisply executed body

Growing up in Indianapolis our neighbors across the street bought a new Chevy every two years, and yes, there was a bit of “bowtie” envy on our side of the street.impala

We had a green 1955 Chevy 210, a plain Jane Chevy. The neighbors always had Impalas, including a white 1967 with its sloping rear window that blended beautifully into the long trunk, sort of a fastback look. The car had excellent lines, especially for a big car, but in subsequent years Chevy ruined its looks.

A lot of other folks liked the Impala Coupe’s looks at the time, and now TSM mines that market with its crisply executed Impala Coupe, this one in “Marina Blue,” a medium metallic blue, and 1:43 scale, so a perfect fit for your display shelf.

The History

Chevy redesigned its long lean Impala for 1967 to enhance what was then called Coke-bottle styling. I never saw it that way, but there was a certain streamlining to the sport coupe’s profile, something that made it more than just another big car, and not as boxy as the Fords of the era.

impala2It was about 4 inches longer than Chevy’s Chevelle, the bow-tie brigade’s mid-size offering and carried a base 250 cu.in Turbo Thrift 6-cylinder, but a Turbo Fire V8 was available. Chevy also offered three high-horse V8s, a 327 with 275 horses, a 396 with 325 horses and a 427 with 385 horses. Imagine today’s cars offering so many engine choices.

Optional equipment included disc brakes, power door locks and an 8-track player. Ah, the good ol’ days!


The Model:

This is a sealed body car in that nothing opens, doors, hood, etc. But TSM delivers a well detailed car that reflects the exciting lines of the original. Plus this model comes in an attractive acrylic case and handsome wood base that includes the car name stamped in white.

All windows are trimmed in chrome, as on the original, and that includes side vent windows, along with chrome door handles and a driver’s side mirror. All windows are in the up position, which would keep the interior dust free, if you were to remove the car from its case.

There are fine chrome windshield wipers, a radio antenna atop the passenger’s side rear quarter panel, and a chrome hood insert on the thin power bulge mid-hood. Creasing is precise on the hood and all fenders and there is a chrome trim line that runs along the car’s bottom edge from the front wheel wells to the rear bumper.

These were the days of full chrome bumpers too and these are well executed, along with the wide grille. Up front is a pair of realistic looking dual headlights and bowtie license plate. In back are the familiar three rectangle red and white taillights.

Tires are treaded but not branded and the wheels are racy chrome models.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The blue review car’s interior is white with black dash and floor. Dash detailing is sharp with a black steering wheel and chrome 3-spoke hub along with a prominent floor shifter.

The only thing that would make this more fun is if the hood opened to reveal one of those gutsy V8s. But at this price point, that’s not expected.

For the record, TSM also offers a white version of the Impala Coupe, plus a black SS model and black 4-door sedan. Drop-top lovers may prefer the red convertible Impala, or a black SS convertible.

This blue coupe though is a finely detailed model that will look good in any “bowtie” collection or display of 1960s domestic iron.

Replicarz provided the review model. You can see its selection of die-cast cars in a variety of scales at http://www.replicarz.com

FAST Stats: 1967 Chevrolet Impala Coupe

Maker: TSM

Scale: 1/43

Stock No.: TSM134313

MSRP: $74.99


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