Die-cast: Replicarz Marmon Wasp

Final look before the real deal hits

DC-wasp xray2I know I’ve been teasing you a bit with updates on the new Replicarz 1/18 die-cast model of the 1911 Marmon Wasp, but this one promises to be a winner.

Well, it already was the winner of the inaugural Indianapolis 500 in 1911. (Uh, the real car, not the model.)

But I’ve snagged what appears to be the final update photos of the Wasp, which is due on the market by February, maybe sooner if the ship doesn’t dawdle crossing the Pacific and now that the dock workers have put off a strike.

Most intriguing of these two shots is the X-ray photo that shows the massive Marmon engine under the big yellow racer’s hood. Replicarz is the first die-cast model maker to produce the Wasp in 1/18 scale, and the folks at the Vermont-based die-cast firm predict something special.

The announced price is $229.99.

I’ll show and tell you more once a sample comes my way for evaluation.DC-wasp finshed1

Oh, and those new Indy laydown roadsters are in and the final versions are beautiful. While I’m a big Jimmy Bryan fan, this Bobby Marshman racer with its chrome fin and matte black interior is a gem.

Word is they are selling well too. Remember a limited quantity was made of each.

Look for some 1980s March racers coming up next from Replicarz. Indy cars are back! Thank goodness!

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