More Mopar muscle!!!!!

Because what engine comes with the vehicle is never enough

hellcat jeep engine conversion, jeep wrangler, dodge hellcat
Photos: Dakota Customs

I’ve been doing some research about installing a turbo on my 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Sure it has enough grunt, lots more than our 2011 anyway, but how about a little more. But then I found the ultimate in a power upgrade, a supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 Hellcat engine! There’s a company I came across, Dakota Customs based in Rapid City, South Dakota where you can buy your very own Hellcat-powered Wrangler. What a hoot this would be. It’s still the same Hellcat that comes in the Dodge Charger and Challenger, 707 hp and 650 pounds-feet of torque. Man that for sure would get that big stump I have in my yard out.

jeep wrangler unlimited, jeep hellcat conversion, dodge hellcatWith all that power comes a price through, Dakota Customs quotes a $56,000 price tag, which doesn’t include the donor Wrangler. It does, however, include some additional mods such as a Borla exhaust system, a Walbro fuel pump and Dakota Customs’ own intake and intercooler. So let’s say you make your donor Jeep the 2-door Sahara model? I added some options to it like nicer wheels and a color matching roof and it prices out at just over 34 grand but you want to take along some friends with the top and doors off so that won’t do, you’ll want a Wrangler Unlimited. With similar options, that comes to about 5 grand more. So you’re probably looking at dropping around 100k. If you put it into perspective, that’s about what you’d end up paying for a super car, but a super Jeep is so much more fun. How much fun? Check out this video.

A Dakota with the heart of a Viper

viper engine, dodge dakota, dodge dakota with viper engineviper v-10 engine, dodge viper, dodge dakota pickupWhile I have never driven a Viper I have had the opportunity to take a hot lap in one at Road America. The car is a beast and it’s engine is the heart of the beast. But still a lot of fun. So there’s this guy in Boise, Idaho that is selling his 2001 Dodge Dakota Sport. What does that have anything to do with a Viper? Well he crammed in a Viper V-10 motor into it along with a 6-speed Viper manual transmission. Besides giving it a whole lot more of get up and go, he upgraded the suspension a Hotchkis package with sway bars, and larger rotors for better braking. Good move. Also in the description from the Craigslist ad he says it was a dynamometer to have 350 horses to the ground with 460 foot pounds of torque. This is an awesome race truck that you can leave as is and go very fast or make your own with lots of options for more speed. He’s only asking 23 grand. Go ahead, knock yourself out, you deserve it.





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