Please tell me why there are so many bad drivers

I notice this more on my motorcycle

rustic roads, bad drivers, brake tappers, drivers who don't stop, I took my what most likely will have been my final ride of the season on my Hayabusa here in Wisconsin as it was 51 degrees. The weather folks forecast it all downhill from here. Actually riding this late has been a nice bonus because most years I put my bike away much earlier so I’ve been putting lots of miles the last couple of weeks and have been seeing some of the worst drivers. I love riding the rustic roads but to get to them have to go on the regular roads where I have found the following:

  • Stop sign optional: This is where the drivers either decide that it’s only put there for decoration or they belong to some special club that gets a pass. I’ve found them recently pulling out in front of me like motorcycles don’t mater, or pulling out when there is NOBODY behind me. And this is why? There is one upside to this. My bike has a really wimpy horn so I twist my throttle up and make some real noise. That really tends to get their attention.
  • Braking going down a hill or into a turn: OK, I will admit that I love going into turns scraping a peg, but when there’s a driver in front of me that’s taping the brakes when they are only crawling along anyway, it bugs me. I mean it’s not like they’re driving some double-decker bus that might tip over. Help me with this one please.
  • Tapping their brakes for no reason: I think I have pretty good vision so I’m not seeing a reason. Maybe there are some road ghosts that magically appear for these drivers. For the love of Pete why?brake tappers, bad drivers, rustic roads

I live for the ‘twisties’

Rustic roads, rustic roads in Wisconsin, great motorcycle rides, wide open roads Chime in here but I believe motorcyclists are much better drivers because we are moving our eyes constantly looking for bad drivers like the ones I described above. We see things before they happen and react faster. This image on the left is one of my favorite roads I ride on because there is rarely any traffic on it. I can open up the throttle on my Hayabusa and head for the twisties. Maybe I’ll meet up with one of you in the spring. Sigh, time to put my bike to bed. Pouty face.poutyface


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