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Do red lights at intersections mean anything?

From what I’ve seen recently shows drivers care less

I’ve been thinking about doing this blog entry for a while and this morning an experience drove me to the keyboard. I’m stopped at a busy intersection on my way to work. I had just missed the left turn green arrow so I was waiting for traffic to clear and make my turn when this guy behind me honks his horn for me to go. Go, where, there’s lots of traffic here dude and I’m on a motorcycle. The light turns yellow and I wait. Recently I’ve seen too many drivers here in Wisconsin run the red light and I don’t want to get wacked. The guy gets out of his truck and gives me a lecture on how I didn’t have to wait for the green arrow and could have turned on the orange. Not this rider. He also said that I was holding a whole line of vehicles behind him and I should show some courtesy. OK, whatever. When I turned on the next green arrow, guess how many vehicles I was holding up. Yup, just him. Continue reading Do red lights at intersections mean anything?

Please tell me why there are so many bad drivers

I notice this more on my motorcycle

rustic roads, bad drivers, brake tappers, drivers who don't stop, I took my what most likely will have been my final ride of the season on my Hayabusa here in Wisconsin as it was 51 degrees. The weather folks forecast it all downhill from here. Actually riding this late has been a nice bonus because most years I put my bike away much earlier so I’ve been putting lots of miles the last couple of weeks and have been seeing some of the worst drivers. Continue reading Please tell me why there are so many bad drivers