Dude, take a chill pill

Angry, party of one, angry party of one…….

rode rage, ford fusion, motorcycle, bad florida drivers, suzuki hayabusaBy Paul Daniel

That best describes the jerk driving the Ford Fusion in this video shot in Florida. Classic case of road rage. A guy on a bike pulls up at a stop light between two cars (guess you can do that in Florida. Not for me though) and the guy in the car on the right got ticked off. OK, it’s easy to say what I’d do after the fact but here’s what I would do. I could easily out run the guy on my Suzuki Hayabusa but that would put me and others in danger. I would have pulled into the nearest gas station and dialed 911. The guy in the Fusion should be charged with attempted vehicular homicide and undergo serious anger management. One things for sure. It would have scared the s……t out of me! Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Dude, take a chill pill”

  1. The Fusion guy is an idiot to be sure, and should be charged with attmpd. vehicular homocide,but it should really be against the law in all 50 for bikes to travel out of the traffic lane. This practice causes needless accidents as many, many drivers are unaware of bikes as it is, travel between lanes creates another element of “suprise”. Granted, motorists should be aware of all vehicles in their field of vision, but 100 % attention at all times is a pipedream with cells, texting, food, etc. It’s simple . . .vehicular traffic travels in vehicular traffic lanes. Cycles are also vehicular traffic.


    1. Hey James: Exactly. I have a friend of mine who travels to California on business and says bikes to that lots there. Scares the crap out of him. Plus, think about it. As a motorcycle rider, we don’t have all the metal cladding that a car has. Just think if a rider was to travel between lanes and and a driver opens a door. Wack!!!! Hurt, pain, recovery, not fun. Thanks for commenting and come back soon.


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