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Wrangler/Corvette Mashup

He wanted to build what?

jeep wrangler, chevy corvetteThe Jeep Wrangler and Chevy Corvette couldn’t be farther apart in automotive categories yet Chris DeSpears from Milwaukee had the idea to bring them together in a really fun build.

He picked up a 2003 Z06 C5  Vette a couple of years ago as a donor car that somebody had wacked and was originally looking for a Factory 5 wide body Shelby Cobra kit to mate it with only to find out that they are no longer made so he went to his Plan B. Continue reading Wrangler/Corvette Mashup


Unicorn Promo Models

How a $2 investment generates a 2,000% return

One of my favorite episodes of Fast N’ Loud on Discovery channel is when Richard Rawlings and his friend Dennis Collins (who is also a big Jeep guy) go look at a Shelby Mustang they are looking to buy only to find more Mustangs, one of the Dennis describes as a unicorn. It was one of just a handful made with the exact options he explained. A car that could potentially generate a HUGE return on their investment, in the tens of thousands of dollars. The same situation is true of the plastic promotional model cars only the money is not quite as big. Continue reading Unicorn Promo Models

2018 Chicago Auto Show: New vehicles big and small

It’s the largest show in North America

Mark and I love this show and have been making the trip down south from Milwaukee for a long time. Besides seeing the latest from the auto manufacturers, we spend time catching up with our fellow reporters. And we got some exercise walking two miles in the one million square foot exhibit area at McCormick Place. Continue reading 2018 Chicago Auto Show: New vehicles big and small

Braking News: 2015 Corvette Z06 convertible

The New York Auto Show News

2015_vette_convWhat’s better than the Corvette Z06 coupe? Answer: A Convertible. The New York Auto Show promises to be a busy one for reveals. It’s not as simple as just wacking the top off. Loosing the roof structure means added support will be needed. Chevy found the solution. The coolest new car just got cooler.

Remember the Vettes that got chewed up in a sinkhole?

The Corvette Museum finally grabbed the last one. Not good, not good at all.final_vette_sinkhole_savageonwheels


Braking News: Lingenfelter Corvette @ Chicago Auto Show

Quick, what is your favorite Corvette?

Photo: Mecum
Photo: Mecum

I know most of you will say the new one but in this blog entry you have to pick one year except that. 1953, the first year, or 63 split window, or a 1967 Corvette L88 Convertible. Just one of 20 produced during that year, this rare breed made history for its $3.2 million price tag at the Mecum Auction in Dallas recently, the highest price ever achieved for a Corvette at any auction! My favorite is the 63 split window just because it looks cool. I know they all do. One cool one was on display at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. Split window looks with all kinds of new stuff produced by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. Mark and I caught up with Ken Lingenfelter, the guy who came up with the idea for the ultimate dream machine. Check out the video.corvette-vid-screen-grab