Car Spot: A monster SJ Jeep

This one has some serious attitude

“We Both Always Say That We Want Something No One Else Has and This Is Definitely That.”

That’s exactly what Dalton Lovejoy and Maddie Heater accomplished with this week’s car spot a jacked up, heavily modified 1979 Jeep Cherokee Chief. I was driving back from Madison, WI and spotted this at a dealership in Jefferson. A whole ton of reactions went through me when I first spotted it. I love SJ Jeeps like this one but not sure about all the other modifications they did and they did a lot!

Let’s see, where should I start? Making modifications like this are nothing new for this pair. They’ve done a lot of them but nothing like this. It was Maddie who chose the beach theme. Loving the ruggedness of a Jeep and the droptop factor of the Bronco, she decided to cut off the top to get the best of both worlds.

Underneath is a full custom cut frame carrying over the tropical theme. Instead of using the AMC 360 V8 that would have been standard on this Cherokee Chief in 1979 they dropped in a LS motor.

Inside are custom seat belts from Seatbelt Planet and all the accent colors along with a custom sound system and iPad dash, so they can hear the music over that loud motor.

What’s something like, I have no idea but it has to be well into six figures. I’m sure the custom truck guys will love something like this, the Jeep guys, maybe not so much. I couldn’t find it listed for sale on the dealer’s website. Maybe it’s just meant as an attention grabber. It got mine for sure and is the most unusual car spot I’ve had to date. I’m thinking back and a 1979 Jeep Cherokee Chief was the first Jeep I drove 43 years ago. I’m wondering if maybe it came back as this.

Be sure to check back next Friday for another one of my car spots along with some history of the vehicle and have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Car Spot: A monster SJ Jeep”

  1. I do landscaping in Madison,WI and I drive past this truck sitting pretty out front of this dealership atleast once a week. Thing looks gigantic from the freeway looking down to the dealership which is literally next to the freeway


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