Car Spot: The ultimate ride for a Green Bay Packer Fan

You can look but not touch this one.

Green Bay Packer fans are the best in the NFL. Sure, I’m biased since I am one but they/we are not ashamed to show our pride for the green and gold. One thing we love to do is tailgate before a game and this 1958 Chevy Pickup is a great example of what it’s all about. So much so, it’s on display at the Packer Hall of Fame.

This pickup was fully restored by a local car dealer donated to the Hall of Fame. It’s a 1958 3100 pickup that rolled off the assembly line in Baltimore, MD equipped with a 235 cubic inch 6 and puts out 145 hp. In the day that was pretty good. As a tribute to the team, it is dressed in Polar Green. Go Pack Go!

Be sure to check back on Friday as I’ll share a new car spot. Have a great weekend.


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