Most Loved Cars in America

Sure you love your car but do others?

car reviews, savageonwheels, honda, subaru, Hyundai, chevy, ford, chrysler, savageonwheels.comIt’s called the Customer Love Index (CLI) and was created by Strategic Vision. It measures the amount of love that buyers feel toward their new vehicle. To calculate CLI, Strategic Vision looks at five measurements to calculate CLI: Total Quality Impact, Total Value Index, Vehicle Emotional Delivery, Overall Feelings and Advocacy. It compiles data Over 120 different aspects of the ownership experience are compiled and on a scale that ranges from 1 (I Hate It) to 7 (I Love It) with 4 (Satisfactory) at the middle of the scale. Here are the 2016 winners.

Tesla owners are a roudy bunch

Tesla owners are quite vocal about how great their cars are and for that reason the Tesla Model S scored 652 as Best Loved. No other car came even close.

Most loved cars, cars with devote owners, popular cars with ownersMost loved cars, cars with devote owners, popular cars with ownersI’m not going to go down the entire Strategic Vision segment list, just hit some of the cars in segments I found interesting beginning with the the Micro Car category where the Smart Fortwo Coupe won with a score of 388. I can’t stand this car. For what you would end up paying for it there are much better cars on the market. It also made another list, mine, of cars guys should never be seen driving in.

Most loved cars, cars with devote owners, popular cars with ownersOther highlights include the Dodge Charger, most loved Full Size car, with a score of 489 while its stablemate, the Challenger won most loved Specialty Sport segment with 567. Rounding out the list, the Chevrolet Corvette took home top honors in the Premium Coupe category with a score of 582. In Standard Convertibles, the Ford Mustang was most loved scoring 517 and rounding off this year’s list is the Audi A5 Cabriolet, scoring 516 and taking home the Premium Convertible/Roadster category.

There are a couple of other segments to check out such as the Truck and SUV segment, Brand Winners, and winner among Millennials.


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