They’re eBay’s version of barnfinds

More like a cyber barn

Hey I just coined a new term. I’m always on eBay either selling or buying stuff. If you’re looking for something rare, that’s the place to start. I have a search parameter set up for promotional model cars and just they other day these two finds came up. What makes them unusual is that both of them were being sold by an eBayer located in Japan so they both have some miles on them. Well not literally.

’57 Ford, a classic big or small



It’s actually in pretty good shape for its age and warping, not too bad. Cars of this era were made from cellulose acetate and susceptible to warping no mater where or how you stored them. What brings its asking price of $256.69 is the inclusion of the box as beat up as it is. Based on what I’ve seen and read, even with a buyer option of best price, this should go really close to that number.

A quick check of listings for the real deal on found this Ford an affordable collector car. Most I saw were in the teens to lower 20’s in price. Then there was this convertible where the asking price was $99,000 and worth every penny of it. From the buyer’s description: “Rotisserie restoration completed in 2015, 312 cubic inch Thunderbird V8 Ford-O-Matic 2-speed automatic transmission. Factory power steering, Factory power brakes, Correct Flame Red and Raven Black paint, 12-volt electrical system, Continental kit, 14-inch wire wheels.” Ford was on a design roll between ’55 and ’60 turning out a different design every year and these cars are exalted classics. This Sunliner is yet one example.”

A classic from Hubley

hubley, hubley car kits, hubley nash metro, nash metropolitan
My Met with missing vent window

I have a fondness for the Hubley cars. Originally made out of cast iron, they were meant to be played with and were virtually indestructible. While I don’t have any of their heavy metal, I’ve had a few of their plastic models like this Nash Metropolitan. No fancy box, this one came in a plastic bag and I ended up building it. The only item keeping it from a perfect 10 is the crack on the windshield frame.

Photo: Kinopyo
Photo: Kinopyo

This 1960s 1/25 Hubley Benz 300SL Promotion Car, from the same store in Japan, is in great shape. I’ve never seen one like this. From the sellers description: “It has no large scratches and dirt on the body, but there is some gap between the passenger side of the window which have distorted slightly the upper part of the window. It seems the tail light of the lens has been missing to the left and right both. Distortion of the body is of little but float slightly left front wheel when i put on the floor because it seems is distorted very slightly chassis. The interior is very beautiful. It is with friction motor, but does not have firm much function operates.” Seller must have something with the $256.69 figure as this one priced the same as the Ford.


OK, now for grins, cost of the real deal. This is one of the classics of the classics made by Benz so $256.69 is cheap. On one of the car auction sites sat this Mercedes-Benz 1960 300SL roadster, fire engine red (DB534) with tan leather and tan canvas top, 35,000 original miles, stunning restoration, numbers-matching 3.0 liter inline 6 and 4-speed manual transmission, fully documented, factory hardtop, fitted luggage. Even adding a bunch more numbers from the model price wouldn’t get you to the asking price of $1,350,000. Hey, buyer lives in Sarasota, Fl. This would make a great road trip.














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