I love different looking cars

This comes from a guy who owned a Gremlin and Pacer

amc gremlin, american motors gremlin, american sub compactsBy Paul Daniel

Some called them weird but there is a line. A different car is more than a one and done. It’s a car with a production over several years, in the case of the Gremlin 70-78, and selling hundreds of thousands of units, 671,475 for the Gremlin.

weird cars, strange cars, odd cars, wtf cars, Weird is a one and done. Like the Cudadartadillac I blogged about. But wow, that isn’t even in the same league as some other “creations” I found on a Pinterest Board like this….well I’ll call it a ChickenOlds. This one of tons so knock so yourself out and go look at them. Have fun.


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