Dude, your truck is not a boat!

People who don’t listen to warnings

Photo: WBAY
Photo: WBAY

By Paul Daniel

I can especially relate to this from the days when I was on TV in Green Bay, WI. It usually was a weather event with lots of snow, or rain, or something else and it was not safe for people to drive in certain areas. Why I remember the storm in …. We would tell them to stay off the roads, multiple times, but there were those who never listened. Happened allllllll the time and still does.

Photo: WCBD News 2
Photo: WCBD News 2

Like just recently near Houston where they got hit with thunderstorms with lots of rain. Flood warnings were issued yet one dope thinks his truck can make it through the high water. A very expensive lesson since most auto/truck insurance does not cover driving your vehicle directly into the water. Watch.



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