Slot Cars: 1971 McLaren M8D Can-Am creates a fast, good-looking Can-Am McLaren

I Always have loved Can-Am cars, their shape, their power and the fact that many of the best drivers from the late 1960s and early ‘70s ran them.

So for slot car racers it’s happy news that is extending its stable of Can-Am (Canadian-American Challenge Cup) cars with a new McLaren M8D from 1971. has been producing highly competitive slot racers for 10+ years and this McLaren is as fast as its past mclaren cars have lightweight chassis with strong magnets and are well balanced to begin with. Add in a 21,500-rpm sidewinder motor and they are fast and easy to drive right out of the box. The real racer’s engine cranked 680 horses, so it’s appropriate that gives the model a high-revving motor.

There aren’t a ton of Can-Am cars available, but this is a nice addition with its crisp paint and tampo printing job to create a stunning glossy black racer with yellow rear wing.

With the addition of just one larger magnet atop the standard bar magnet, the well detailed test car was turning laps within 0.1 seconds of my best current Can-Am racer made by Revell Monogram. With the proper silicone tires, this will easily be among your quickest, best-handling cars, and with little prep time. uses metal wheels and axle spacers, plus a metal small drive gear for longer life and better power and rolling ability. Yet its pricing is only slightly above some less racy makes.

Beyond its performance, which is key, the McLaren features stellar looks and detail, such as a full driver figure and labeled Goodyear tires.

For the record, this version is a replica of the car that noted sports car and LeMans racer Vic Elford drove in the season ending Leguna Seca Can-Am race in 1971.

This is a fast and user friendly car that looks like, and is, a serious racer. It’s more than just a car for kids goofing around on the basement track.

My experience is that cars are among the best available currently!

FAST Stats: McLaren M8D Can-Am Leguna Seca 1971 Vic Elford


Scale: 1:32

Stock No.: CA26C

MSRP: $59.99




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