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2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SEL S-AWC

New Eclipse Cross boosts Mitsubishi lineup …

First a quick history lesson on Mitsubishi for new and younger buyers. The Japanese car maker, most famous for making the nimble Zero aircraft during World War II, used to have a small, but fairly full vehicle lineup.

But tough times and a shrinking, aging lineup hurt Mitsubishi in the early 2000s. Its biggest claim to fame and popularity was its sporty Eclipse, but then even that went away as Mitsubishi began to claw back into the market by offering small SUVs. Last year it sold 121,000 vehicles a 2.5% gain over 2018 and its third year of 100,000+ sales and seventh year of growth. Continue reading 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SEL S-AWC

Chasing Classic Cars: The ones that helped make music

I grew up when MTV had just started out

MTV, music video cars

Of course being a car guy, I’d always look for one in a video. Right off-hand the one stands out is in Billy Joel’s 1983 video Keeping the Faith in which his then wife Kristie Brinkley rolls into the courtroom in a ’56 Chevy convertible. Click on the image on the left to view the video. The scene I’m talking about is around 4 minutes in. How many do you remember? This compilation that Hagerty created might help.