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Car Spot: Porsche 914

A Porsche for those that couldn’t afford one …

When you mention Porsche, the 911 usually comes to mind first. It’s a dream car for many gearheads, the one car that they salivate over and long to own, but ownership usually comes with a budget-busting price. But there is a very affordable alternative for those wanting to join the club, the 914 the subject of this week’s car spot.

Talk about opposites, a road-going 914, and an off-roading Jeep CJ.

The 914 used to be the fourth cousin-twice removed from the Porsche universe because of its ties with VW as it originally was intended to be a replacement for the Karmann Ghia. It was sold as the Porsche 914 in the US and as the Volkswagen-Porsche everyplace else. This led to many diehards stating that it was not a “real” Porsche.

Found on a Wisconsin lot but the tags are from California.

Introduced in 1969, the standard 914 was powered by Volkswagen’s horizontal four-cylinder engine, producing a meager 80 hp. Later a second version: the 914/6, was powered by a six-cylinder engine with, total power output exceeding 100 hp. But in the “more hp means more bucks” universe, the extra cost made it almost as expensive as a standard 911. When production ended in 1976 almost 120,000 914s had been sold worldwide.

You can see the VW influence with the slapped-on side marker lights.
Might be cheap but at least the logo is in gold.

The basic 914 is a very affordable entry into the collector market and the Porsche club with daily drivers available in the mid-teens to low $30s however there are some that will take serious cash such as a homologation special, the 914/6 GT is a very sought-after collector vehicle as only 3,300 examples were made. Race versions of the car pumped out a heady 205 hp.

How pricey can they get? A 1970 sold at an RM Auction in Monterey, Calif., in August of 2021 for $665,000! A 1970 with just 30,000 miles and a Certificate of Authenticity sold recently on BaT for $120,000. And, there are other examples sold in the $80-ish range on the site.

Photo: RM Auctions

The 914 has long been looked down upon by the Porsche elite as a lawnmower surrounded by a metal shell, not supposed to be worth anything — fun to drive for an hour, maybe, but entry-level at best. Still, it’s a Porsche!

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2014 Jaguar F-Type V8 S Convertible

Jag’s F-Type V8 roars to new heightsjag1

Jaguar still carries some mystique from its racing days of the 1950s and ‘60s, but it has been devoid of a two-seat sports car for ages.

While many of its newer sedans have been sexy beasts, they have not satisfied that hot rod Jaguar need for a Porsche 911 fighter … until now. The F-Type convertible’s debut delivers the most enticing roadster design since Jaguar’s E-Type wowed auto enthusiasts in the 1960s.

This model has a long nose, big engine and svelte tail too, along with a price tag to match your expectations once you’ve spied an F-Type. This week’s test car was the ultimate S V8 version with a starting price at a simple $92,000. Add an $895 delivery fee and that should about do it, well, almost.

The gorgeous Italian Racing Red (medium metallic red and $1,500 extra) test racer, er car, added a bevy of goodies packages to push this rear-drive beauty to $103,820. Pricey, but easily not the priciest sports car around.

Beyond its stellar looks, and they are stellar, the Jag delivers first-rate performance delivered with the best exhaust tone of any car I’ve driven in at least five years. Plus the Performance Pack that adds $2,950 to the bottom line includes Selective Active Exhaust that allows you to improve its sound with the touch of a console button.

jag3The Jag’s deep throaty V8 bellow coupled with its crackling exhaust note when you gun the engine and then let off suddenly is a thing of audible beauty. People look. People are envious. People wish they were you.

OK, so maybe that’s childish of me, or any buyer, to enjoy. But it IS enjoyable, as is virtually every other bit of the F-Type’s performance. Continue reading 2014 Jaguar F-Type V8 S Convertible

Die-cast: AutoArt’s McQueen Porsche Speedster

AutoArt nails McQueen’s racy Porsche 356 Speedster

If you’re old enough to remember the chase scene in “Bullitt” you’ll likely appreciate AutoArt’s fastidious recreation of any of Steve McQueen’s cars, including his 356 Porsche Speedster.

Love the taped up headlights!
Love the taped up headlights!

McQueen was a movie star first, then a racer of some note in the sports car world. Two of his movies, “Bullitt” and “LeMans” particularly highlighted his car handling abilities. Autoart already recreated that Bullitt Mustang and McQueen’s rare Jaguars XK-SS. Now it delivers a glossy black Porsche 356 Speedster, with a white No. 71 on the doors and hood, just as McQueen raced it (see photo below, right).
The car’s shape and simplicity are well modeled with perfect proportions and fine detail. For instance the headlights are taped as the car was raced, plus there are chromed screens by the tiny bulbous running lights up front. Autoart also did a superb job with the chrome work on the Porsche, including chrome-ringed taillights and thin dual exhausts, along with chrome trim along the Speedster’s sides, top and bottom. Even the chrome door handles are realistic as are the wipers and a tiny round windshield-mounted mirror. Continue reading Die-cast: AutoArt’s McQueen Porsche Speedster