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Chasing Classic Cars: I drove Doc Hudson’s brother

You just never know when a classic car will show up

I had an experience I still get giddy about. I was working on one of my radio controlled airplanes in the hanger when by wife and daughter started yelling for me, in a good way, to get up stars. I was so excited I still had my transmitter which I use to fly the planes in my hand. So when I go out to our front yard I see a shape that for me was easy to recognize, a 1951 Hudson Hornet. The owner was friends of our neighbor Jim and was visiting.

An automotive legend

Herb Thomas Fabulous Hudson Hornet. Shot by &q...
Herb Thomas Fabulous Hudson Hornet. Shot by “The Daredevil” at Daytona during Speedweeks 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those of you who are not that familiar with the Hudson, it was THE car in NASCAR racing in the 50’s. The Fabulous Hudson Hornet was a famous racer in the  NASCAR Grand National series which is now the Sprint Cup Series and AAA stock car produced by the Hudson Motor Car Company. Marshall Teague and Herb Thomas each drove in a Hudson Hornet that they nicknamed the “Fabulous Hudson Hornet”. More recently Disney made it a start in their movie Cars using the voice of the late Paul Newman.

Every car has a story

Chasing classic cars, the fabulous hudson hornet, hudson hornet, 1951 hudson Hornet. So the owner, Gene, tells me the story which you will see in the video I shot with my iPhone. I always carry that thing. We hop in the car while he lets my neighbor Jim drive it. I was in the back seat which was HUGE and comfy. I was happy to end the story then but Gene asks me if I want to drive it. Well yeah!!!!!!!! This car handled quite a bit different than today’s cars. I weights 3,200 pounds and with drum brakes took a while to stop or just slow down. It also took a bit of planning and effort to get it to go in the direction I wanted it to go but I didn’t care. This was a thrill. I was so excited that the transmitter I brought up stairs and laid down by our neighbor’s mail box I forgot about. I was lucky it did not rain or have somebody walk off with it. Wait, the best luck was do drive an automotive legend. Enjoy the video.

Bank on collecting metal promo models

For the heavy metal collectors

Banthrico-corvette-bankUp until this point, all of the promo models I have written about have been plastic but there are a segment of collectors who concentrate those made of metal, most of them banks. Produced mostly in the 40’s by Banthrico Company in Chicago, IL. Banthrico models painted in authentic Big Three colors and used as “paint chips” so dealers could gauge the upcoming colors on real models. These primitive promotionals included Buicks, Cadillacs, Lincolns, Packards, DeSotos, Chryslers, Dodges, Ramblers and, of course, the more common Chevrolets and Fords. Today these cars are sought after, and in mint condition can garner several hundred dollars.

I have two examples to share with you both near and dear to my heart this 49 Nash and a Nash bank 150 Chevy. This Nash pictured was available only to the Nash dealer as a bonus for ordering a car. Original dealer cost for the carton of 12 promos was $12.50. What a deal. Think about it if you had bought a case or two. Bingo, lots of cash.

1951-Nash-RamblerThe Nash Rambler was produced by the Nash Motors division of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation from 1950 to 1954. On May 1, 1954, Nash-Kelvinator merged with the Hudson Motor Car Company to form American Motors Corporation (AMC). The Nash Rambler was then built by AMC in Kenosha, Wisconsin through 1955. The Nash Rambler established a new segment in the automobile market and is widely acknowledged to be the first successful modern American compact car.

Grandpas Chevy1950Chevy2dr2This other example, a 1950 Chevrolet 2 door and also close to my heart as my grandfather had one, maybe a Skyline Custom. I think it was that drab green like this one I found. They were huge sellers for Chevy, in the millions. This model is pot metal and has rubber tires, it has some paint missing but overall good.

These banks can go anywhere from$50 to several hundred dollars depending on the shape they are in. Since I have lots of the plastic promo models, I might move into the bank cars. For the good ones, it is certainly something you can bank on giving you a return. Sorry, had to throw that pun in there.