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Die-cast Auto World’s 1971 Chevy Monte Carlo SS 454

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS454 a short-lived muscle carAMM1055_1971MonteCarlo_1stPrepro-7

I lived through the 1970s, in fact my first car was an early ‘70s Plymouth, but I can tell you that good-looking and quality cars of that era were few and far between.

But for Chevy, the 1971 Monte Carlo was a big seller, a full-size luxury coupe that was introduced a year earlier. This was before the oil crisis and all the downsizing of models that followed a couple years later.

Auto World now fills the Monte Carlo void for 1/18 scale model lovers and does it with a fine looking SS model in Rosewood Metallic, a dark, nearly maroon, red.


The HistoryAMM1055_1971MonteCarlo_1stPrepro-9

The Monte Carlo SS454 is a short-lived muscle car as Chevy decided its powerful engine and the sporty SS designation was sending mixed signals to the masses. And make no mistake, Chevy intended this to sell in quantity, even as a luxury model. Continue reading Die-cast Auto World’s 1971 Chevy Monte Carlo SS 454