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2014 Infiniti Q50S 3.7 AWD


Infiniti’s unique styling gives new Q50 a muscular lookq1

Infiniti’s sedans continue to deliver unique styling that looks muscular and sporty, but with a style that sets them apart from other luxury sport sedans.

My test car, the Q50S 3.7 AWD was a great looking metallic brown, with a hint of copper in it, so the color also made this one pop compared with the various silver/gray or black sport sedans that flood the market. Like last week’s BMW 428i coupe, this sporty sedan featured all-wheel drive, making it a perfect fit for our climate and road conditions.

Like that BWM, the Q50 comes loaded with luxury and performance items while creating a strong argument for it being racetrack-worthy. On the performance spectrum the Q, which replaces Infiniti’s popular G Sedan, handles like a fine sports sedan. Steering is quick and responsive and in normal mode quite easy to handle.

There’s Drive Mode Select here. That allows the driver to pick Snow, Eco, Standard and Sport. Eco naturally cuts power and changes shift points, while Sport gives the car more oomph off the line while stiffening the steering effort substantially. I feel the Sport mode becomes way too heavy for most drivers to enjoy it, but best to test that yourself if you intend to move up to this level of sport sedan. Standard will be where most folks leave the setting.

q2Certainly the car corners well and the all-wheel-drive gives it sure footing on wet pavement. Continue reading 2014 Infiniti Q50S 3.7 AWD