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2018 Chicago Auto Show: New vehicles big and small

It’s the largest show in North America

Mark and I love this show and have been making the trip down south from Milwaukee for a long time. Besides seeing the latest from the auto manufacturers, we spend time catching up with our fellow reporters. And we got some exercise walking two miles in the one million square foot exhibit area at McCormick Place. Continue reading 2018 Chicago Auto Show: New vehicles big and small

2017 Chicago Auto Show

Cool new cars and fun stuff to do

Going to the Chicago Auto Show is one of our favorite trips of the year because we always have a great time. This year was no different. We captured some of it in the two videos below. If you’ve been thinking about going, and we recommend it, get a long little doggie, because it runs through February 20th.

Braking News: Our look at the Chicago Auto Show

New reveals, but kind of laid back

ford racing, ford gt, supercars, lemans, chicago auto showLaid back, that’s how Mark and I sum up this year’s Chicago Auto Show as far as the new models go. Of course nobody could top Subaru’s reveal of their new Legacy last year. No car was cooler than the new Ford GT, which you can see in the image here and in one of the videos below.

Continue reading Braking News: Our look at the Chicago Auto Show

Braking News: New cars revealed in Geneva

Nissan, Maserati, McLaren, Jaguar, Jeep unveil new vehicles

2015-Nissan-Nismo-Juke, geneva auto show. new cars, auto shows
Photo: Nissan
Maserati Alfieri, geneva auto show. new cars, auto shows
Photo: Maserati

Mark and I would have loved to have made the trip to Geneva. Plenty of  announcements, like the 2016 Nissan Juke. Don’t get all excited here because it still looks weird. Read more here.

Maserati unveiled the Alfieri, a 2+2 concept car, a 100% functional prototype that says much about the design DNA of future Maseratis. I think this looks so much better than what Maserati has out now but still like a lot of other cars.

McLaren-650S_Spider, geneva auto show, auto shows, mclaren
Photo: McLaren
Jaguar, geneva auto show, auto shows, new cars at Geneva
Photo: Jaguar

McLarens on the other had have a look all to themselves. I got to sit in one at the Chicago Auto Show. Introduced at Geneva is an open-top 650S joining the 650S coupe. Boy would I love to have one of these.

Jaguar confirmed the name of their all-new sports sedan coming to the U.S. in 2016, the XE. Another car on my list I would love to own simply because it’s a Jag.

new jeep renegade, jeep renegade, geneva auto show, auto shows, new cars at auto shows
Photo: Chrysler

Last but not least is Jeeps new entry into the small SUV segment, the Renegade. Great name from the past and I hope it lives up to it. I really like the styling but will wait to give it my blessing until I have a chance to drive one. This will be the first Jeep not built in Toledo or Detroit since the hookup with Fiat. The final assembly location for the Renegade will be at the Melfi Assembly Plant located in Italy built off a Fiat platform. We’ll see.

Braking News: Greater Milwaukee Auto Show

Fun came in a different package at this auto show

toyota ft1, ft1 concept car, toyota concept cars, chicago auto show, greater milwaukee auto showspeed racer, milwaukee auto show, volo museumK.I.T.T. milwaukee auto show, volo museumOK, I’ll admit it, the Chicago Auto Show blew me away. Lots of cars and especially lots of cool cars, some that were just ideas. The Chicago Auto Show is in McCormick Place and has one million square feet so they can pack a lot of cars in while Milwaukee’s is in the much smaller convention center. Not making the trip up to Milwaukee included Toyota’s Ft 1 concept car (left). But to make up for that, Milwaukee had cool cars you normally would not see like the K.I.T.T. movie car and a street-legal version of Speed Racer (far right) brought up from the Volo Auto Museum, just down the road from Milwaukee in Volo, IL.

Camp Jeep was even more fun than Chicago

I was wondering with a smaller building how Milwaukee was going to handle the space needed for Camp Jeep, and the answer is they set the track up outside on West Wells Street. Brrr it was cold but they had heaters everywhere and you got right into the Jeep. They had all the elements in Chicago but added two more and made it a blast. Come along and hear me laugh, along with my 15-year-old daughter Meg, who by the way asked go to the show. Great kid. Loves cars, airplanes, and golf.camp jeep, milwaukee auto show, jeep wrangler, jeep cherokee

Smoking hot cars at the Detroit Auto Show

Like a kid in a candy store!

Automotive News
Automotive News

Are you watching coverage from the Detroit Auto Show? If not, you’re missing some of the coolest concept cars like the Toyota FT-1, Kia GT Stinger, and 2015 Corvette Z06. Boy if these cars don’t get your heart pumping! Mark and I can’t wait for Chicago!