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Mark And I love classic cars and really cool ones too. We always have our cameras with us and are ready to snap a picture. Heck one time I passed one while riding my Hayabusa, turned around and followed it until I had an opportunity to take a picture. Yup, We love cool cars.

Almost $1M for an AMC

I’m a pretty happy AMC fan this morning!

gooding & company, gooding's auctions, amx 3, american motors, amx, amc
Photo: Gooding & Company

That’s because last night at the Gooding & Company auction in Scottsdale, AZ  this AMX 3 sold for $891,000 setting a new world record price for an American Motors creation. More than other cars in the auction like a 1935 Auburn 851 SC Boattail Speedster which sold for $693,000 but not as high as the top seller, a 1925 Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix hammering for $3,300,000. Continue reading Almost $1M for an AMC

Exactly like your car down to the paint code

Carpeting and paint codes

1968 AMX, 1970 AMX, promotional model cars, American MotorsAs a kid my first promo model was a pink ’63 VW Bug. I had my eye on this at the local hobby shop for the longest time lusting over it although I doubt at age five I knew what lust was. Dad said is was mine if I would give up dragging around my blanket, yup just like Linus from Peanuts. Tough but I did it for my first promo model and the rest is history. I bet I’m not alone either touching up promo models or redoing them the exact paint code. Dad brought home lots of them when he went to work for American Motors in 1963. I didn’t have to give anything up when those started rolling in the door and I had boxes of them. Most promo model cars will come in the colors that their big brothers were painted in like this rare red 1970 AMX that I have in my collection. Sure AMC made a red AMX in 1970 but this color is more of an approximate, not exact color match. I must have painted and detailed lots of them but none to the detail I have seen on the auction sites. Continue reading Exactly like your car down to the paint code

Cars from down under

I love Australian cars

holden-plant-at-elizabethBy Paul Daniel

Unfortunately after next month there will no longer be anymore built after Ford closes the doors on its plant following the lead from GM who shut down its Holden plants. At one time this was a booming market cranking out just over 400,000 vehicles in 2004 but it dwindled down to 175,000 in 2009. Why did all they pull out? Mostly political tax stuff that I’m not going to get into here.

A little history first

Holden manufacturing dates back to 1856. They were the first to introduce the “ute” and Australians ate it up. It became a huge market. It may have also inspired the El Camino and Ranchero built by Chevy and Ford in their U.S. Plants. See my blog entry, history of the El Camino and Australian “utes”. The Holdens, in my opinion, are the fastest and best looking cars produced in Australia. In 1925, Ford Australia’s first products were, of course, Model Ts assembled from knock-down kits. Ford is best known in Australia for the Falcon, not the same as the one produced here in the U.S. Chrysler also played in the Australian market but only stuck around for a much shorter time. Continue reading Cars from down under

LeMans Ford GT40: They did more than get it back on the road

Restorations take a lot of time and cash …

By Paul Daniel

.. I’m short of both right now. Getting a forgotten car back on the road is one thing but getting it back on the track it another. Watch this video where the iconic 1966 Le Mans-winning P/1046 GT40 shared by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon returned to the track at Lime Rock Park. It took almost two years to make this happen. Enjoy.

I’m a gear head and propeller head

The biggest roar of engines you will ever hear!

eaa airventure 2016, eaa, oshkosh wi, airplanes, jets, And one of the few places you will hear them is where I was this week, AirVenture 2016 in Oshkosh, WI. I’m sure I’m not alone where I say that I get excited hearing a car like a new Corvette jump on the throttle as it comes out of a turn. Well take that feeling and multiply it by, let’s say 10! And if you think a Hellcat Charger at 700 hp is a lot, multiply that by about four and you have the horsepower of many of the engines in the warbirds up here, even more for the jets. In case you’re not familiar with the event it is the largest gathering of aviation enthusiasts in the world, held every year in Oshkosh, and hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). The event, which began on July 24th and runs through July 31st, spans the entire spectrum of aviation. It attracts 10,000 airplanes and more than 500,000 aviation enthusiasts from all over the world. If you haven’t I would highly encourage you to come to this event just once. It is a hoot. Continue reading I’m a gear head and propeller head

Don’t mess with a person who owns a Jeep

We were pinned in by a jerk

Wiki Commons
Wiki Commons

It happened one winter when we were in Downtown Milwaukee at an event. Parking is not easy there especially if you add in a recent snowfall. We were driving an ’87 Jeep Wagoneer (XJ) that I had bought from my dad similar to this one.  We snuggle into a spot on the street and go have fun. When we came back we saw another car had parked us in. The car was actually not in a spot and at the end of the block near the intersection. My wife tried first with no luck. It was my turn. I put our Jeep in 4wd and pushed the car out ahead of us and it just happened to roll into the intersection. Ooops.

Jeep people don’t mess a round

In a parking lot you wait your turn to move into a spot where a car is leaving. But then every once in a while some jerk decides they’re going to take that spot. We’ve all had that happen. Not sure any of you came to this creative solution.

Could you please roll down your window?

When is the last time you heard that?

basic vehicles, toyota trucks, toyota tundra, roll down windows, manual door locksIf you’re a boomer like me, you heard that around the time you were in high school, but hardly at all now because car/truck windows are powered. Well most of them anyway. One of my many gigs is doing the marketing for a local golf course The Preserve at Deer Creek. I also help out in the golf shop.

Recently on a morning I was opening and one of our grounds’ guys, Bill, came in to tell me he saw a customer’s Toyota Tundra with the driving lights were left on and the driver’s side window partially open. Rain was on the way. I told him what group that golfer might be in and he headed out on the golf course to find him. We are HUGE on customer love here! The customer gave Bill the keys and on his way to the truck grabbed me. Continue reading Could you please roll down your window?

That’s one step for a man…

…and a giant step in barn finds

Old_barnfAn out of this world barn find. It will need some fixing up but not too bad for a ’66 model. Who makes this, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, or AMC. How many were built? Does it need any kind of restoration? What’s the estimated value? Is it numbers matching? Where was it found? When do we get to see it? Why is it so rare? A galaxy of questions but it’s going to take a person who likes to shoot for the moon to take on this project.
Continue reading That’s one step for a man…

The lost art of building

I love building stuff!

EAA, experimental aircraft association, oshkosh wi, EAA, kit cars, ford cobraBy Paul Daniel

You would not have to walk more than ten feet in our house to see examples of my work. I’ve been building plastic model car kits since I was a kid and it seems like only yesterday that my dad sent me a box of balsa which would become my first radio control airplane. About 30 years later my plane builds have become more complex like the F-16 with a real turbine. This picture was taken two years ago at the EAA’s (Experimental Aircraft Association’s) AirVenture event held every year in Oshkosh, WI. Yup, that’s me, and my daughter Meg, on the ramp with my jet’s big brother thanks to the USAF Thunderbird team that had performed that week. The entire team autographed my plane. Fun stuff.

I also love to tinker

That would be evident if you poked your head in my garage. I do all but the big stuff on my Suzuki Hayabusa while next to it sits a 1975 Honda 360T I’m turning into a Cafe Racer. This is a hot segment of the motorcycle market. Same goes for our 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and our aging 2008 Chrysler Pacifica which is starting to show its age at 140,000 miles. Continue reading The lost art of building

A hidden auto museum gem

Almost like a big barn find

wisconsin automotive museum, kissel kar company, collector cars, cars built in wisconsin, wisconsin auto museumsIt’s winter as I write this blog post in Wisconsin. Gotta tell you that as I’ve gotten older I’ve grown more of a distaste of winter. It’s cold and snowing which means all the collector cars are taking their long winter naps. Not one wanting to hibernate, I grabbed my camera and my daughter and took a ride up to the Wisconsin Automotive Museum. Continue reading A hidden auto museum gem