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Dude, your truck is not a boat!

People who don’t listen to warnings

Photo: WBAY
Photo: WBAY

By Paul Daniel

I can especially relate to this from the days when I was on TV in Green Bay, WI. It usually was a weather event with lots of snow, or rain, or something else and it was not safe for people to drive in certain areas. Why I remember the storm in …. We would tell them to stay off the roads, multiple times, but there were those who never listened. Happened allllllll the time and still does. Continue reading Dude, your truck is not a boat!

The lost art of building

I love building stuff!

EAA, experimental aircraft association, oshkosh wi, EAA, kit cars, ford cobraBy Paul Daniel

You would not have to walk more than ten feet in our house to see examples of my work. I’ve been building plastic model car kits since I was a kid and it seems like only yesterday that my dad sent me a box of balsa which would become my first radio control airplane. About 30 years later my plane builds have become more complex like the F-16 with a real turbine. This picture was taken two years ago at the EAA’s (Experimental Aircraft Association’s) AirVenture event held every year in Oshkosh, WI. Yup, that’s me, and my daughter Meg, on the ramp with my jet’s big brother thanks to the USAF Thunderbird team that had performed that week. The entire team autographed my plane. Fun stuff.

I also love to tinker

That would be evident if you poked your head in my garage. I do all but the big stuff on my Suzuki Hayabusa while next to it sits a 1975 Honda 360T I’m turning into a Cafe Racer. This is a hot segment of the motorcycle market. Same goes for our 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and our aging 2008 Chrysler Pacifica which is starting to show its age at 140,000 miles. Continue reading The lost art of building

What’s your dream ride?

Let’s say it’s a 2017 Ford GT

Photo: Ford
Photo: Ford

How about a little quiz here? Picture you’re at some road racing event and there’s a brand new Ford GT Supercar there. You start talking to the owner and finally get up the courage to ask them if you can hop in it and take it for a quick spin out on the track. How would the owner respond? Pick one of these or add you own.

Now that you’ve had some fun strap yourself in and both of us take our crack at the next best thing, the Ford GT sim.

The sick minds of some car builders

Don’t read this on an empty stomach!

KLM, midwest airlines, airline Passengers, commercial airline seatsOr if you just happen to have an unused airline puke bag, have it handy. What? One of the other things I collect is airline memorabilia, like these seats from a KLM DC-9, which included three. Yup, I’m slowly collecting parts and should have a full airliner in about…..long story. One of my favorite Apps on my iPhone is Hemmings Motor News. On the top of the page they Hemmings-app-imagehave featured cars for sale along with stories about classic cars farther down. I love seeing mostly cars I will never own but lust over. That doesn’t cost a dime. I recently viewed two cars that stood out. Not that they were cool or collectible but because one was repulsive and the other is an “A” for effort but really? I’ll save the first one for last and build up to it. Continue reading The sick minds of some car builders

Cool cars I have driven

I hate to brag but…..


Slot cars, slot car racing, 1/32 slot car racing, Chaparral race cars, Chaparral 2FThis car blog has presented me with opportunities I might not have had. I have gotten to drive cars that many of you dream about like a Ford GT40, Chaparral 2F, TransAm Javelin, and an Indy car. Ok, time to fess up. The cars I mentioned are actually 1/32nd scale slot cars.

Like a lot of you guys, I started out with HO stuff, then lost interest, flipped the track and cars on eBay. So I’m good, right? Until I started to work for a publisher who published a magazine targeted to the hobby shop owner. My co-workers did reviews on 1/32 slot cars and had tracks to race them. Being a car guy, they invited me to a race night to watch and even let me race a car. Boooom, that was it, I was in again. I was buying cars like….well I don’t know….deliveries were almost daily at home and work. Like a slot car drug house. I’ve slowed down quite a bit now. Below are some of my cars. There’s a lot more where that comes from.

Designing the cars of your dreams Continue reading Cool cars I have driven

A hidden auto museum gem

Almost like a big barn find

wisconsin automotive museum, kissel kar company, collector cars, cars built in wisconsin, wisconsin auto museumsIt’s winter as I write this blog post in Wisconsin. Gotta tell you that as I’ve gotten older I’ve grown more of a distaste of winter. It’s cold and snowing which means all the collector cars are taking their long winter naps. Not one wanting to hibernate, I grabbed my camera and my daughter and took a ride up to the Wisconsin Automotive Museum. Continue reading A hidden auto museum gem

Car-related Christmas gift ideas

The countdown has begun…..

cars christmas countdown calendar…when I opened the date today in my Cars Christmas Countdown Calendar. Behind each date is a nice piece of chocolate. I’m such a fiend. Hope I can get all the way through.

The ultimate Christmas gift list

You know I like to do this “If money were no object….”. That’s exactly what I’m going to do here. Since just about everybody would put a rare collector car in restored to original condition, myself included, on their Christmas list, I’m going to change thing up. Cars are off the list but anything else is fair game.

I’ll start. I’ve always wanted to go to a high-performance driving school and the ultimate experience I found at, the Forza Motorsport Grand Prix Road Racing at Bob Bondurant in Arizona. Two big things for me. I’d get to drive a Corvette in track conditions and get the heck out of Wisconsin during the winter months.

But that’s just me

Chime in. I might steal your idea if it’s cooler than mine.



Dodge and Star Wars cross-promotion?

Everybody seems to be in

You have to have been hiding under a rock to know that the latest Star Wars stormtrooper helmetmovie, “The Force Awakens”, because the promotion is everywhere. Walmart is in big time as is Verizon and a bunch of others. I love both of the spots. I must have heard five while doing this blog entry. You know I’m a Star Wars fan from this previous post and of course I’m a car guy. So the other day, I’m looking at the design changes made to the uniforms especially the Stormtrooper helmet, which by the way, are now being sold all over the place. This one from ($249.99). Tiny Continue reading Dodge and Star Wars cross-promotion?

What car or truck would Darth Vader drive?

OK, stick with me here

star wars, darth vaderToday is Halloween and decided to wear my Darth Vader costume. I came up with the idea of this wacky post while I was driving into work this morning, wearing the costume. Wish I could have used the forces of the Dark Side to get the pokey drivers going. Yes, I got looks, lots of them, and smiles.

I’ve seen all the Star Wars movies and thinking back did not remember seeing any scenes where Vader drove a vehicle. Probably because that was so last year by then. I do remember him flying a TIE Advanced x1 fighter in the first move when the Rebels were attacking the Death Star. Luke Skywalker was leading the attack and the only one who had a shot at him was Vader. His personal ride was Super Star Destroyer Executor, the premier command ship of the Imperial Navy, and the first of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought line. OK, am I getting way to geeky on this. Yes, I am a Star Wars fan. Saw the first movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope which came out in 1977 14 times. I know, it’s a sickness now spread to my daughter.

Enough of the Star Wars all ready

Continue reading What car or truck would Darth Vader drive?

It’s alive!

A Frankenstein classic car

dodge dart, plymouth Barracuda. cadillac, cars with fins, cuda, dartWell maybe not a classic but for sure the guy who combined what I believe to be a ’66 Valiant Barracuda, a ’64 Dodge Dart, and the fins from maybe ’61 Caddy (my best guess). It caught my eye one day when I was out for a ride on my Busa passing through Hartford, WI. Of course I had to turn around to grab some pictures. The ‘Cuda is the base car and a real quick look at it did not show any major signs of rust. Ok, I can see doing a bit special on the hood with the Dart parts but when he added the fins, I’m out. If you take a close look at the pics I shot of the fins, he did not do a very good job grafting them on. But hey, who am I to judge? It’s his car and as long as the guy is happy with it, let ‘er rip tatter chip. Continue reading It’s alive!